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I saw the rheumatologist for the first time last Monday...went to the doctors today...I've got really tight wrists and hands, I mentioned this to the dr and he suggested taking ibuprofen on a regular basis. I've not been given any treatments by the rheu consultant but the GP said to go back in two weeks to see what the consultant has suggested. I've been lucky so far as I've not really been having pain where I've needed pain meds but my hands/wrists constantly ache. Anyone else have this and what do you do to ease it. I'm going to try the ibuprofen too.

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  • I also have the tightness and achiness in wrists and fingers and when I saw my Doctor last week he said that it all was part and parcel of the raynaud's. It really feels like arthritic pain but it isnt. Just regular pain relief either via tablet form or the gel which you rub on and hand cream for the tightness of the skin should help

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    I'm so sorry you are suffering with your hands and wrists,and yes I agree pain relief can help hugely.Also I find keeping my wrists and hands warm with thermal wrist warmers helps to keep the circulation going,which helps.Ceegee is absolutely right...hand cream is a must!A lovely nourishing one that can absorb into your skin to help soften a little.Even better get someone to massage it in for you! ;)

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  • Trust me on this one and I am the biggest skeptic, but those magnet bracelets really do work. At first it makes the pain slightly heavier, thicker and worse but after a while a short while it does disappear. When you start getting the pain again put the bracelet on again and the pain goes away but quicker the next time. There is no medical evidence to prove that it works but it really does. I'm all for using as much natural products as possible, I take way too many medications for other problems. I would certainly give it a go. The other things that I do is pour some hot water on a flannel, sort of imitating the hot flannel you get on an airplane that usually works, or heat packs. If you don't mind using these, get a hand muff they keep your hands and wrist toasty and symptom free.

  • Do you have Raynaud's and Scleroderma? I have both limited. The skin on the hands and forearms thickens and tightens and the fingers look like sausages. I also am not as skilful as I used to be. I use acqueous cream every night and the same on my feet. I am not sure if this helps you.

  • hi yes ive got both but so far ive not had the cold discoloured hands on a regular basis. i used aqueous cream on my legs twice a day so will start using it on my hands and arms too...i'll try the magnetic braclets...anything is worth a go and dont want to start having loads of meds...its hard enough remembering to take my omeprazole every day...i know a warm bath helps so i'll try a hot flannel too....thanks everyone

  • I also suffer from all the above. As mentioned hand cream is a must. I carry a tube around in my pocket and apply at least every half hour. I have found one that suits me after trying many different makes. You should try a selection to see which one suits your skin as everyone is different. Also my gloves are also with me at all times. best wishes

  • My daughter has limited scleroderma and the symptoms are exactly what you describe - tightness in the hands and wrists (also feet and ankles in her case). She has never had pain from it (thank God); I think we discovered it early enough to start treatment before it got too advanced. We did physical therapy, but what really helped her is Methotrexate, 27.5 mg per week for an 11-year old who weighs about 60 lbs. The Methotrexate has helped her so much that we don't see the physical therapist anymore (just do stretching on our own).

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