I get like an electric shock feeling that runs through my body, has anyone else experienced this?

Hi all I'm back again! I keep getting what can only be described as an electric shock feeling that runs mainly through my arms and hands and my legs, it's not constant but some days it's worse than others and can be felt quite strong and often!! It doesn't hurt it's like an intense tingle and sometimes the stronger surges make me itch the skin where I felt it!! I've been getting these for some time and at first it was put down to an allergic reaction to the antibiotics I was on but has continued since I stopped taking them! I have Raynauds and take clopidogrel for this and also now have rosacea on my face, has anyone else experienced these feelings? They don't hurt they are just annoying and sometimes uncomfortable!!! Thanks Jo

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  • Yes I use to feel like that quite often till the doctors placed me on gabentien-i have raynauds n scleroderma

  • Yes, I have had those for years. I call them surges; they start at the top and go through my entire body; so strange. I have not noticed them since I've been on CellCept the last year and a half. I also get surges of "chills", separate from the electrical type of surges. I usually get those when I go to bed. I have no solutions for them; just a manifestation of the disease, I guess. I'm just letting you know that you are not alone in this.

  • I had this problem for a number of years every time i asked a gp or hospital i was never given an answer .It used to drive me mad , i also had it down one shoulder and back .i have learned since then it could be caused by the fibromyalgia i also suffer from, hope this helps a little best wishes Lyn

  • I have been having I believe the same thing you are having my entire life and I am only 12 years old but I am going crazy over how distracting it is during school. I am on absolutely no medication and I am a healthy girl. I will reply again if I find anything out. All I see on the Internet is that it could be from stress but I am never really stressed. Please email me at emmywolffe888@gmail.com if you could tell me ANTHING about this or if you are having electrical shocks or surges that can sometimes a little cold. The shocks go through my entire body and can last a few seconds. They also sometimes can make me drop what I have in my hand or kick unintentionally. Please email me if you are having familiar symptoms or can help me.

  • Hello. I read about your symptoms and wanted to tell you what my Dr. found with me. I've been having the electricity, muscle burning, and shaky muscles and kicking leg bit for the last year. He had a bunch of blood work done and what we found was that I don't have enough vitamin K. You get it from being in the sun mostly and I don't really go outside much. He said it affects the transmission of nerves and that when there isn't enough K, the messages get transmitted wrong or not at all. I have to start taking a prescription dose of Vitamin K and go back in 3 months for follow up blood tests. For me, it could take up to a year to get my level back up high enough. Hope this helps you!! Have some blood work done. I know how terrible this feeling is. I'm just glad to know I'm not crazy!!!

  • This is Gma3 again--I think I got the vitamin wrong. I think it is vitamin D. I'll call the Dr. tomorrow and find out for sure. Which ever one it is, have some blood work done. Sorry for the confusion.

  • i also feel this many times in every day mostly in night can anyone tell me what is it..? And why it happen.? it seem like it give me energy in my body for a second ..someone plz tell me what is it on my id


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