Does this look familiar?

Does this look familiar?

Hi, I've posted a photo of my hand, which shows the dryness in between my fingers. This is how it starts then quickly tears to leave open sores which often bleed and are incredibly painful. I have this on my left hand, behind my left ear and down below. My doctor insists it's a fungal infection down below, despite fucidin cream not working and me being on antibiotics for 10 weeks. I've asked the question without a photo before but any advice?

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  • CREST and the umbrella of illnesses it incorporates have so many varying symptoms that I'd be remiss if I thought I knew all of them. Although my little bundle of crossover symptoms don't manifest in the way you're picturing, that doesn't mean yours isn't related to or caused by CREST.

    My digital sores/ulcers tend to appear on my finger tips and down the sides of the nail follicle. Where the skin feels as if it's had lots of fine but deep paper-cuts. It's awfully painful and occurs in a cyclical nature at the season changes. Mine is settling into a twice yearly kind of pattern where I'll get very sore and weeping ulcers, which if I'm very lucky might have almost healed as the next round happen. Damage limitation is key I think. You need to try and take care of your hands, even if this means drastically changing your routines.

  • Hi,I have the similar experience and the response from dermogolist dr back to say it was folliculitis . I don't have that between my hands but do get a lot of open sores top of my fingers. I hopefully I was helpful enough to you. I know how you are feeling. Hopefully you can have positive answers soon from doctors.

  • Hello there, you need your GP to refer you to a Dermatologist who specialises in skin disorders. It does not look typical of scleroderma, and is too extreme to just be dry skin. It possibly needs specialist treatment...more than a GP can diagnose or prescribe.

    All my best

    Lucy x

  • I have this symptom (with ssc) - whatever the cause, I use wax-based hand cream as a barrier as there’s no oils in the skin. I use burt’s bees hand repair cream. I use liberally - before bed, after washing my hands (I have a tube on my desk at work) it’s expensive but it’s the one I’ve found that works. The other key thing is to make sure your hands and between your fingers are absolutely dry after washing. Hope this helps clear it up :) xxx

  • I have cutaneous scleroderma (cs) which is diffetent to systemic scleroderma. My dermatologist found I have lichen sclerosis and lichen planus which often accompany the cs. I treat my symptoms with Dermovate as and when it occurs and keep an ever watchful eye on changes. May be worth a re check with gp/consultant and get skin biopsies to comfirm or disprove what is going on for you.

    Best wishes

  • Yes that is exactly what happens to my hands, mostly my right hand. I haven’t found any treatment except creams to try and stop it splitting, sorry I’m not more help xx

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