Is this really Raynaud's?

Hi, my GP suspects Reynaud's but I am not convinced so would love to know if these symptoms are familiar to you. The tip of one finger (only one) can be agonising: in the cold it can feel like frostbite, but does not change colour; in the warm it can throb (it is now, but I'm indoors and comfortable); accidentally touching something, even paper, on the front below the nail sets off the excruciating frostbite feeling; the nail no longer grows properly on the left, there is a red patch on the left above the cuticle, and the nail splits as the right side grows. Does this suggest Raynaud's to you? It's the erratic throbbing I am having difficulty dealing with. Thank you.

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  • That doesn't sound like any of the symptoms I get but they can vary. Go and see a different doctor & see what they say.

  • You could go back ask another GP in the same practice or go back to same GP & tell him again about the pain etc being unbearable he then may do some more tests e.g. bloods or try some medication.

    I have quite bad Raynaud's & SSc but my symptoms are slightly different but I know you can get Raynauds without the colour changes and the sensation problem can be different for everyone as well.

  • It could be an injury if it is only on one finger.

  • I would go to GP and mention the red area at the site of the pain. Last year I had an infected area in one finger that gave me excruciating pain

  • It could be a small infected bit on your finger. I had a similar thing on a finger last year that gave me excruciating pain at the slightest change of temperature and throbbed terribly (even on holiday in Caranary Islands!) - probably the worst pain I've ever had. I kept going back to the doctor, had X-rays etc and in the end they found out that it was a non-healing infection, so was referred to the hand clinic for assessment. I would check it out.


  • These are the same symptoms I have, gets unbearable during cold weather and in the frozen foods dept. in stores. My toes will get cold and numb and change colors. My doctor prescribed nifedipine, it helps some, talk to your doctor about your symptoms and see if there's a medication he can prescribe for your condition. Raynauds is not a disease but a symptom of something else going on in your body, mine turned out to be Lupus. Ask your doctor to do an ANA test to check for an autoimmune disease, that will put your mind at ease.If your doctor doesn't want to do a test, find a doctor that will. Let me know how things turn out.


  • doesnt sound quite like mine either, hope you find an answer

  • My Raynauds started with one finger. I would hit the tip on my keys and it would be excruciating pain. It then went on to several other fingers over a 20 year span. In the cold my finger would turn white like it was dead then turn really red when the blood came back to it. I hope this helps good luck


  • Thank you for all your responses.

  • Hello. This is discontent and I am suffering with severe ulcers on both of my middle fingers, with questionable amputation not to long ago. Now to control the pain I am on oxycodone 5/325 mgs. My right digit is at half-moon, no more full nail bed nor finger. It is horrible to look at, and the cold/hot air sends pain that makes me scream out. My RA has been aggressive in helping me to find relief, to now discover that a new sympton has begun. Slight burning under armpits, with perspiration, itching that leaves bruises, and severe insomnia. Frightful of not getting better, YES. The throbbing, burning-stinging, pulsating, agony is all day/night and I wear mittens every where yet the cold/heat gets through the bandages and here we go again. My tears could fill a river bed. Never experienced this as I am an SLE survivor of Nephritis, over 30 years. I want you to know that I feel your pain and totally understand your condition. Try to get all the help you need to prevent this from getting worse, and continue to share your progress. Good health to you.

  • My raynauds started with a completely white and numb little finger that progressed to the tips of the middle two fingers, the pain wasn't too bad when the fingers went back to normal but now a year on, the bones in my fingers feel really sore. Sounds as though you may have an infection but it needs a professional eye to see what's happening, good luck

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