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Capillaroscopy: hemorrhages on six fingers but "totally normal picture"


Dear all,

Yesterday I had the capillairoscopy, the vascular assistant “scanned” four fingers on each hand (not the thumbs) with 100x enlargement and two fingers on each hand (only little fingers and ring fingers) with 300x enlargement. They asked if I am left or right handed. I’m right handed.

The person who scanned my nailfolds said I have a lot of hemorrhages.

Today I received the testresult from the doctor of internal medicine who looked at the pictures. He literally wrote down three words in the two paged capillairoscopy result form: “totally normal picture”. And he checked the box hemorrhages but didn’t put down one word as explanation. He sent this form (not the pictures) to the hospital where I’m treated.

I looked at the pictures myself and see hemorrhages on six fingers: on the middle, ring and little fingers on both hands. Hereby a picture of my ring finger of my left hand.

I have sent the pictures to my hospital.

I’m hugely disappointed in the test result this internist concluded.

Firstly because it is, in my opinion, not normal to have so many hemorrhages that spontaneously arise on six of my 10 fingers and certainly not normal regarding all my medical issues so far. Secondly because this internist should be ashamed of daring to report three words and check one box without any explanation.

Coming Monday I will have the appointment with the specialist (doctor to be) and I’m so afraid they will just say nothing is wrong with me based on what this internist in a different hospital said….

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I understand your frustration but normal might be contextual / for example if a test is for a specific condition or conditions then the result is normal if it's negative for those conditions, the haemorrhage is noted and might lead to more tests for other causes. I'd calm down and await speaking to your doctor. It's very positive that the test was negative for connective tissue abnormalities!

judyt in reply to The_Bear

The Bear may be on the right track. Normal for Raynaud's is probably showing haemorrhages.

I have Systemic sclerosis and my nailfolds have looked just like your pictures, but with the naked eye, for years.

I have positive gastro changes, no peristalsis in my stomach so I am told and Achalasia of my Oesophagus, definite muscular atrophy in my bowel and I don't know what else and what do they say after a Gastroscopy or Colonoscopy - yes Normal Result!!!!! Go figure. Normal for me I guess.

hi everyone, i too have scleradoma, i have been in such pain, i have legs that hurt all the time. i have caliication all over my body does anyone out there have this, i also am on a lot of stress, my only daughter who is 43is in jail for drugs, she crying to me to bail her out, they want me to pay2200, i just can't afford this. i have to tell her no. i have loss one daughter 5 yrs ago to cancer she was 40. god when is the stress going to stop. i have to keep praying for her. i went to hospital yesterday my pain is so bad that i am in bed all the time. they gave me a shot and sent me home. their is nothing they can do with scleradoma, well sorry i just had to vent to someone, thanks for listening.

The_Bear in reply to bellejewel

What a dreadful situation. You need to reduce your stress it is accelerating your condition. I'd explain to your daughter her behaviour is making you very sick and until she's a positive in your life she isn't welcome (but that's just me; you're no good to your children sick or dead. Mind you, she's an adult)

You are right in your anger. Hopefully on Monday the doctor will read the report, if not insist on it. Good luck.

The_Bear in reply to zenabb

I understand some frustration at the result but i don't understand why shoot the messenger? And why assume the response from her Dr will be dismissive before he/she has even had a chance to discuss?


sorry to be a bore but im still waiting for my results , had my test done january 15, so in my opion your very lucky to get your results back so quick.

zenabb in reply to Hidden

That is not acceptable. Ask for your results. You may ask the consultant's secretary.


Stop torturing yourself. I did the whole Google diagnosis and it doesn't help you at all. I actually think your capillaries look quite uniform but I'm no rheumatologist. My report was quite succinct and to the point as well. The technicians or whoever it is carries outs the test just pass on the relevant information. Your consultant will be able to use the information to make the correct diagnosis.


thanks zenabb, have phoned them on friday so hopefully will get my results this week !! im sure i will let you know.

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