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You guys will probably be able to relate to this :)

So I'm clumsy and while making dinner I burnt my hand on the oven.

First aid skills here - run it under cold water for 10 mins.

So I weigh up which is worse : slight burn or raynauds maybe chilblain.

Dinner was far more tempting than the cold water so I just left it.

It's the little things that others wouldn't consider in everyday life.

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Hello there. I keep a tube of burn cream in my kitchen drawer. You can get it from the chemist. As soon as you get a burn, rub it on gently straight away, very effective. You must protect your hands with heatproof gloves when cooking. If your hands are vey cold it is possible to injure yourself without even realising it. There are silicone oven gloves which is good and have a good grip for pots and pans, oven trays etc. I found these in my local 99p shop not so long ago. I'm more than sure you can find same on Ebay but get the burn cream and keep it in the kitchen out of the reach of tiny hands. Running the affected area under cold water is good but the cream will soothe and prevent blisters.

Take care of yourself.



I could not agree more with graygirl1. My problem is dropping things as I cannot always feel them with my fingers. Picking up small objects it a real chore, so now I scoop them up or slide a piece of paper underneath the item to be retrieved. It is amazing how you adapt and discover new ways of dealing differently with everyday problems.

We are now approaching the worse time of year for Raynauds sufferers so I am now planning what cloths to wear and check that I have a spare pair of gloves in the car. I bought some thermal socks and Long Johns which were brilliant. They came from an eBay seller called 1066sales. The item number was 390678287464 but there is a different number for each size. I can recommend these. 1066sales have lots of thermal items. Hope this helps.

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I use two of these Aga gauntlets - expensive but are the only thing I have found to work, as they go a long way up your arm as well as being very good at stopping heat coming through while still letting you be able to feel the dish etc

I use burn cream as well rather than cold water for burns and yes picking things up is frustrating ...... grrrr

My most annoying moment this week though was going into Sainsburys in Sherborne, fully prepared with thermal gloves and socks on etc I rushed through the chilled dept only to get a really severe attack in my feet ... it was absolutely freezing, I was in agony so went to the desk and complained only to be told yes we know we have a problem with the chiller being too cold but head office havent done anything about it!!!! I did suggest they should have put a notice up for "people like me" to warn us of the extreme cold.


Dropping things at this time of year is par for the course! Talking to people who don't understand about winter,cold,frost a waste of time. Don't forget to put your clocks back!



I can relate to this, with my scleroderma I have developed head to toe neuropathy so apart from the raynauds I have lots of fun ! I burnt my neck with the hair straightners and didn't even realise till I looked in the mirror later. I too have dropped a few dishes and spend quite a while trying to turn the page of a newspaper. I have missed my coat pocket and lost a few things including my house keys and dropped the dog lead without realising but hey ho life goes on. :)


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