Anyone tried or on any of these medications need some advice

Have received letter from my rheumatologist stating how my thermography showed significant peripheral vasospasm which is consistent with a diagnosis of primary raynauds.She has listed a few medicines if I want to try 1st is Adalat xl at 20 mg a day,or losartan at 25mg or fluoxetine at 20 mg daily.

I am slightly worried to start on these as I do have normal blood pressure and worry a lot over side effects so please if anyone is on or are taking any of these for Raynaud's can you advise if they have helped or not.

As I don't know if I should give them as try or carry-on feeling the discomfort caused by the Raynaud's 😕

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  • Your rheumatologist seems to be a good one. I have been on nifedipine (adalat) for many years. I would suggest that you give it a try.

  • Also start at the lowest possible dose and see how you go. But definitely worth trying.

  • I am on all of them ;)- and the fluoxetine and Adalat have been particularly useful. The best thing is that I have never had a digital ulcer- and my rheumatologist thinks this is due to good preventative care.

  • Thankyou everyone i am going doctors soon over next few weeks to chat about a low dose to try.Take care all.

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