Easter Sunshine - Off with the layers (or at least some of them)!

Hope everyone is enjoying the bank holiday sunshine, I certainly am, yesterday was the first time since last summer that I have been able to get outside in shorts and t-shirt, no need for numerous layers, gloves or hand warmers! I still had a couple of Raynaud's attacks during the day when the sun went behind a cloud or the breeze picked up, but managed to get my hands 'back' pretty quickly rather than having to spend at least half an hour trying to thaw out.

Long may it continue! Happy Easter to you all x

5 Replies

  • I was able to go out today with no coat or gloves and in a T-shirt. Pure heaven, I hope it lasts awhile!

  • Agree, weather is brill, been able to wear open toe sandles for first time this year, loving it!

  • Enjoyed a lovely walk in the sun - then went into the supermarket and the hands went!!

  • i enjoyed a lovely day but got a attack when i went to bed it took me about an hour to get warm but still enjoyed the sunshine

  • I think it is going to cool down now for a few days but the weather over the Easter weekend has been great. It was so warm I had to have an ice cream - I did have a mini attack when I was holding the cold tub (!!) but I was fine once I got moving again. I find that I am much better moving about - even when it is warm I find I can start to feel a bit cold if I am just sitting down.