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Help need some advice?


hey there i suffer from raynauds and ive been suffering from bad acid reflux for over a month now been the doctors 5 times about it they tried different kinds of medication and none have worked so there doing some tests to find out whats causing it. I had a blood test 10 days ago now is it normal for your whole arm to hurt and ache a lot after that long i know a bruise is normal but not too sure about the pain and achenes so just wondering if that's happened to anyone else , also getting pain in my wrist and fingers as well thanks for any replies

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I don't know what is causing your symptoms but for years I suffered from bad acid reflux/heartburn and the doctor gave me Omeprazole and since then I never have it at all. If you have not had this ask the doctor if you could try it. I hope you get some help soon. I know what it is like going to the doctor and him not knowing anything about the problem.

It will be important to know the result of your blood test. Reflux can be stabilised by taking a proton pump inhibitor such as Losec or Zoton. I am sure that your doctor can prescribe these medications and if not working then further tests may be required. The pain in your arm should go away soon.

All the best


Hi there are you seeing a Rheumatologist, that would be my first port of call with your symptoms, to establish what is causing your pain, ask your G P to refer you, and don't take no for an answer. If he. Cannot explains your pain, then someone has to, ll the best, I hope you get it sorted out...


Without repeating what others here have replied which has been good advice; I know what you are suffering and the frustration of getting nowhere. You need not be suffering such bad reflux. I was prescribed medication by UCLH . ( Cimetedine and Lansoprazole do the trick for me. But there is a lot more to try and I would request a referral to a specialist either at UCLH or The Royal Free Rheumatology Dept. you must ask your GP to do this for you. There is no reason why you must suffer these symptoms to the extent that you are.

I would have the doctors give a blood test for A N A titers and make sure your Raynauds hasn't gone into Scleroderma. I have had Scleroderma for 14 yrs. and your symptoms sound very familiar,fingers crossed that it is not. Best of Luck!

Chakula in reply to lifeforce

Can you have severe Raynauds without also getting scleroderma?

Hi, I find the herb SLIPPERY ELM works well with acid reflux. I buy the loose herb and mix with water. Lots of ways of taking it and also can be got as a tablet if that suits better

Hi Lisa, your GP should know about acid reflux, I can't believe he doesn't. Irene has mentioned omeprazole, Romulus mentioned lansoprazole .Either of these medications you should be on asap. Good idea to make an appointment to verify this. Take care.


3 or 4 years ago (pre scleroderma) I had extreme acid reflux which was making my life a misery. I would sleep sitting up and the pain in my side was agony, I used to make myself sick to feel better. I had my gall bladder removed and that made such a difference. I do get some indigestion and acid reflux now and again but nothing compared to how it was.

Good luck


Thank you everyone for all your replies they have been very helpful, ive been on omeprazole for 2 weeks now or maybe longer and they haven't seemed to of worked for me, doctors also tried me on zantac and peptac liquid before they put me on omeprazole and they didn't work either. I have another doctors appointment Friday morning this will be my 5th or 6th visit since suffering from this acid reflux so when i go i think they will end up doing more tests on me as that's what they said last time i went about 1-2 weeks ago. All your advice has been helpful thanks again for all your replies

Hi there !! I take esomeprazole which seems to work best for me but I have had domperidone and gaviscon added recently. Hope u get sorted out soon .

Nexium or over the counter Prevacid are very good for reflux. Good Luck!

Hi Lisa_Lovatt,

Sorry you're going through such a tough time. Like yourself, all sufferers experience numerous symptoms on a daily basis and it is hard to cope at times. The worse thing is not knowing what is causing what but hopefully things will stabilise for you soon.

It does take a while and unfortunately, not all the medics understand or sympathise. Some GP's are reluctant to refer patient's to the specialist so a proper diagnosis can be arrived at but don't be put off if this is the situation with yourself.

I suffered for many years with all sorts of misery and was only sent to Rheumatologist when my old GP retired and a keen young doctor put two and two together. That was ten years ago and each day there's something else to add to the already long list.

I am saying this to say that I know how you feel.

In answer to your query, if you are taking strong pain relief, that could be irritating the lining of your stomach and causing tummy discomfort. The other aches, pains, cramps etc. are all symptoms of the autoimmune disorder of which Raynaud's is one condition.

The symptoms are numerous. I use to wonder if I was imagining things but no, this is how it is and on this forum you will get a lot of support and advice.

In the meantime please accept my best wishes for better days ahead. Keep talking to your doctor, ask questions and make sure you are listened to.

Keep in touch with the forum and take good care of yourself, keep as warm as you can.


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