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Anyone had a 6 week course of Minocycline 50mg bd for calcinosis ?

Hi everyone

further to my blog on 'more antibiotics':-

I have completed the erythromycin course for the calcinosis in my left knee, with a marginal improvement but it has not healed so I have now been prescribed minocycline.

Being a self confessed antibiotic junkie, through no choice of mine, I have not had minocycline before so I would be really grateful for anybody else's experience of it.

Thanks - Living the dream :)

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I havent, i try to avoid antibiotics like the plague - the last time i had them i ended up with nasty oral candida. Have you tried high dose vit C with Zinc- very good for healing!


hiya inkedup ! thanks for replying !

yeah I had 3months of oral candida at the start of this year thanks to the continual dose of flucloxacillin last year to try and heal my knee, so I like you, try and avoid them and use them as a last resort.

Each morning I juice 2oranges, 1/2 grapefruit, 1/4 pineapple and then blend with live bioactive soya yogurt and 1/2 banana. Ive been doing this for 6months to try and give myself a vit c turbo boost ! as well as nourish whats left of my gut bacteria.

I will try and up my zinc content though - thanks for that suggestion ! Ive got some brazil nuts which I will make more an effort to eat !

I also have a supergreen juice each day which includes apples, cucumber, pineapple, lime, spirulina, wheatgrass and a probiotic capsule. I have certainly noticed a difference in my energy levels and less bloating since consuming this concoction for the last 6 months ! move over Popeye haha !

My mission for this summer is to get this knee healed, it has had 2 winters insitu and is getting quite deep so Ive got to up my game - hopefully the 6 weeks of minocycline will do the trick !

that will take me into the 1st week of being 40 so that really would be a lovely start to a new decade - to get rid of this calcinosis which has made me have to wear track suit bottoms all of the time for the last few years ! yep - thats me, Living the dream :) x


I have calcium coming out of my left knee, I've been on large does of antibiotics for 8 months, just finished a 6 weeks on 6 weeks off and another 6 weeks on of Minocyclin, still the calcium is coming through the skin. Back to the drawing board x keep smiling x


I have not been on minocycline myself but I do know that it has helped some members of the RSA to marginally reduce calcium and soften the skin. Like every medication not all works for everyone as we are all so different.


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