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Anyone had oral thrush and small blisters on fingers?

I have raynauds and a strongly positive ANA marker in my bloods but not yet been diagnosed with a particular connective tissue disorder. I feel my raynauds has been worse the last week or so and have also randomly developed oral thrush and small little bubble type blisters on the side of my finger. Doctor I saw didn't know what the blister bubbles were....potentially a form of ezcema but wasn't convinced and unsure what may have caused the thrush. Anyone experienced anything like this? Am feeling bit at a dead end.

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Hi Dancingc21, I have had bubble blisters on my fingers quite regularly in the past. I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Hypermobility type & secondary Raynauds (somebody has also hinted as possible Sjogrens, more tests on the way).

Sjogrens could be a possible explanation as the skin, eyes & mouth are typically drier than normal making the sufferor more susceptable to infections. Another possible explanation for the blisters (again relating to dry skin) is extra sensitivity to certain items such as coins (the skin reacts to the metal causing blistering) which can be treated with regular moisturising of the hands.


Thanks for your reply, comforting to know Im not alone with these symptoms and will keep your suggestions in mind.


Hello, I have Raynauds, Sclero and Sjogrens. My mouth used to get very sore with thrush, but I have been prescribed 2 bottles of Nystatin a month and that helps enormously.


My situation is somewhat strange! I do not have Raynaud's disease. After receiving a shingles vaccine on a Friday, my hands broke out in a rash on Sunday and I had the little bubbles where the skin would peel. Of course the doctor said that the shingles vaccine did not cause the rash. I went to a dermatologist and he said he didn't know what caused the rash either. The dermatologist prescribed a cortisone based ointment which immediately cleared the rash. A little tip-Before I went to the dermatologist I bought Neutrogena Swiss formular Hand Crème. It started to clear the rash before I started using the doctor's ointment. Go figure???


Ok thanks, sounds similar so might try using some of that too. Hope its all cleared up for you now.

I have been taking nystatin and its helped loads, almost gone now. Sclero and sjorens are often mentioned when I go to clinic so have those in mind as potential causes. Thanks


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