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Bev unwell

Bev is having a range of issues and challenges right now so she isn’t currently available for consults and feedback. Her Rheumatoid Arthritis flared-up badly a month ago and she was nearly hospitalised but managed to stay at home with regular doctor visits. Maybe it’s winter or perhaps a healing crisis, moving through to a new level.

She’s on heavy pain meds and slowly weaning-off high doses of Prednisone. She is better than she was and her Guides and Angels are working hard. Bev would love everyone to send any spare healing energy they can to help Them.

Her computer has had a major problem as well (perhaps in sympathy?) and is not working so please be patient for now until both recover. I’ll let you know.

In the meantime, please explore the Sjogren’s Solutions video modules and the audio-only ‘album’

I’m monitoring the FB Page, FB Group, main website and her emails but if you have any urgent technical questions please email me, webmaster:



It appears Bev had food poisoning on top of everything else and has been in hospital the last 4 days... she will hopefully be out of hospital soon... although it may be some time before she is able to make comments and assist on this forum.

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So sorry to hear u r so unwell Bev. Hope u feel better very soon. Qazx


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