New dry eye clinic in melbourne??


Not sure if anyone can help, but at a function the other day I met someone whose friend has severe dry eye. She said her friend is going to a new state-of-the-art dry eye facility in Melbourne that's just opened up, and that I should check them out because her friend said it was the most thorough examination she'd ever had. I don't know what treatments they offered her either and I should have asked more questions, but I've since searched the Internet, but can't find anything. Just wondering if anyone knows? She said it was in the eastern suburbs somewhere. It would be quite exciting if it was true. Any thoughts would be welcome.

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  • I live in Eastern Pennsylvania, USA - have Sjogrens and use Restatis ( RX ) drops for the eyes - they help re-establish the tear flow - I can now sneeze and tear or when I laugh much they tear - I also use Brand Name Plaquenil to control the other disease problems that came with Sjogrens. Eye Doctors should do an exam for the Plaquenil to make sure no damage to the eyes is occurring and that is who prescribes the Restatis Drops. Both meds have helped - Do you live near Melborne that you look it up in the phone book or on the Internet - type general words to do search. Take Care - Diane ;-)

  • I would also be interested in this

  • I have prescribed Restasis for my patients and have had good results. The medication is cyclosporine drops in a very thick oily solvent (vehicle). The drug is available in Australia through the special access scheme which requires individual approval for each patient. It also works out quite expensive. Recent studies have shown that it is probably the vehicle rather than the active ingredient that is doing good so I am not sure how much longer it will be available. We can organize prescription of this drug

    Plaquenil toxicity can be a big problem and needs monitoring. I have seen toxicity missed even with OCT scanning. When damage occurs it is irreversible. I think that Fundus Autofluorescence (FAF) is the best test but sometimes multifocal erg is needed -see or

  • The clinic is in Heathmont on Maroondah Highway and is run by an optometrist, dr nicholas Young. I have had his treatment but unfortunately it hasn't worked for me. It is very expensive $2000 and initial assessment is $295. You can google him for his details. He is very thorough and spends a long time with you.

  • Hi thanks for your info re optometrist. I was wondering if the recommended treatment was Lipiflow?

  • Yes it is Lipiflow

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