“Yay I’m finally out of hospital!!”

“Yay I’m finally out of hospital!!”

After the last post of Bev in hospital basically learning to walk again - she was in rehab for 2 1/2 weeks - and came home this week. She has continued her exercise regime but after the 90 minute hospital rehab sessions in the morning and afternoon - she's taking it a bit easier at home. Still going back for rehab every couple of weeks and exercising twice a week in the pool. Very happy to be home.

So, while in hospital for 6 weeks, Bev had two 8 hour drips of Rituximab - two blood transfusions - countless pills and tests - another Albumin drip - and another iron transfusion - and maybe another iron drip in 2 weeks.

Along with the exercise she has to eat protein-rich foods because she lost 11kgs while in hospital.

The final cause of it all was that Bev was in severe stress after her toe operation earlier in the year (to fix pins in her toes) and the general anaesthetic knocked her around too much. This caused her immune system to attacked her kidneys.

Hopefully things will keep improving. Another round won... living with Sjogren's...

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  • Glad you're home - wishing you continued improvement to your health. You're one very brave inspiring lady - big hug xxxx

  • Its good to see you looking so well . I really hope the rituximab works for you Bev . Best wishes and have a lovely Christmas ⛄️⛄️

  • Welcome back Bev!!! ❤❤❤

  • Welcome back to your home ... bet it's lovely. Good luck with healing


  • Welcome home - I have been getting to know you through your super informative videos, really helpful for one with developing sjogrens.. ML😊

  • Thank you everybody for your well wishes and Merry Christmas.

  • Great to hear you'e home and looking well. Best wishes for continued recovery from this year.

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