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Hi there here comes that petition again for those in the UK

I have SLE lupus, (finally diagnosed at age 47), despite clinical symptoms since teenage years, I also have psoriatic arthropathy, sjogrens, hughes syndrome and also hypothyroidism, My children also have problems.

Over the years I have never stopped reading and seeking health and worked out all my conditions, including the rarer ones, all backed up and confirmed by the right medical teams.

However along the way I have had some truly excellent care and also some very nasty attitudes which have caused problems. I have full praise for hard working medics working in difficult circumstances but despise the culture which surrounds complaint, which makes lives miserable and ruins care, let alone the money wasted on box ticking rather than sorting problems.

Dr Rita Pal, the original Staffordshire Whistleblower blew the whistle in Staffordshire sticking up for the likes of us. She and a team wrote a very good paper attached to this petition, which the DoH are being very slow to read.

Please consider SIGNING and PASSING the petition on via EMAIL and SOCIAL NETWORK and perhaps other forums. This is very important, imagine 1,500 people signing this and passing it on!

and THANKS x

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this is a good idea so I have sent it onto face book.


Thank you so much for your support, this petition needs signatures and circulation. Every signatures helps, and thanks for doing this! Mary F xxxxX


ps when you sign it, it does send you an email with a live link in it... you have to click on this to make your signature live x


thanks for the tip have done!


thanks x


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