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Three weeks and bruising...

Bev is still improving after three weeks in hospital now. The Rituximab needle/drip from last week (see last week’s post) still seems to be helping but it’s a slow struggle back - as you can see in the video posted below. The blisters and ulcers in her mouth are still improving and things seem to be stabilising - blood count and pressure, bodily functions and generally more energy.

There is confusion around the second Rituximab drip session - apparently they got authorisation and supply of Rituximab for both sessions but now they say they are only giving her one. Why? Trying to find out.

As you see from the photo the last 3 weeks of drips and IV’s and blood tests have taken their toll on Bev’s arms - not just the pain but the bruising as well. You would think they could invent a less intrusive way by now. It's a very odd photo - just how it was quickly taken - kind of 'abstract art' cropping - no body or hands - at the time I was just concentrating on the bruising.

Bev faces another 3 weeks in hospital in rehab and says thanks for all your comments and support. There is still a long way to go to get her legs working again and build muscle tone. And work out what is happening with the second Rituximab session.

I took her two of her favourite glazed donuts and she said later they were yummy.

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Great that she is slowly improving. Powerful drug - will take time, sadly. Brave lady.

Big hug xxx

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Glad bev is beginning to pick up . When i had rituximab the routine is two infusions within 2-3 weeks of each other then another round in 6 mths . It can take 6-12 weeks to fully kick in . Best wishes x

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Yes - I agree with her - Glazed donuts can help everything

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Thank you for the update. I hope the infusions continue to heal you Bev!

There is a wonderful topical gel that helps relieve and heal bruising. It's called Pro Cure Bruise Remedy. I can find it my local drug/department store in the US. Not sure it is avail in the UK.

It contains Arnica Montana and is sooooo cooling and soothing on the skin. It helped to heal significant bruising for me after surgery. My doctor was amazed at how well it worked.

PROCURE Bruise Remedy Gel



Straight Arnica is great for the bruising. I carry a jar of it when travelling or in hospital.

Central Venous lines have been invented for more long term intravenous infusions etc, so there are options available to peripheral venous line usage. Obviously precautions need to be in place regardless of the method of administration.

Rituximab has been used for S.S. along with some other A.I. conditions, for a number of years now.

Hope Bev continues to improve!


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