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I'm worried I have Ovarian Cancer


I'm 43 and in July i started having little sharp pains down by right ovary. I have had bad/painful periods for some time, figured it was due to pre menopausal symptoms. In August I went to the ER for pain in my right side, back and upper abdomen, I thought it was my gall bladder because it hurt so bad when I ate and my abdomen was so bloated more than I liked. Test were all negative. Finally in September I made an appointment with my gynecologist because of the pain in my pelvis and heavy periods. She suggested that I get an endometrial ablation to stop having periods and scheduled an ultrasound to see why I was having pain. After the ultrasound my dr. Told me about the ablation procedure and vaguely said I had a cyst on my right ovary with thickened walls and that she would do another ultrasound before my ablation procedure. Like it was no big deal. The outpatient surgery is scheduled for november 17th and she added a d&c and hysteroscopy too with no explanation. My pain is continuing to get worse and my abdomen just seems yo be getting bigger everyday. Also I have continued to have heartburn, indigestion and pain when I eat, so much so that I went to my GP and told I was positive for the H-pylori bacteria which means I have ulsers. She still scheduled an upper gi to go along with all the meds to cure the ulsers. My concern is all the bloating and tightness in my abdomen. I feel like I don't want to wait until the 17th to find anything else about my cyst on my ovary. Should I go back to my gyno sooner? I'm so worried that I have ovarian cancer, my symptoms are just like that of OC. Or is 3 more weeks fine to wait. My gyno seemed not concerned at all .

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I don't know the answer but I was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer and didn't have any pain at all. There are so many things that could cause your symptoms. I didn't have any of the symptoms that you are describing-I just had nausea. Even after my scan showed the cancer I waited 2 months for my operation so please don't worry unnecessarily although I realise that this is not easy.

SabrinaM43 in reply to Neona57

NeonA57 thank you, I'm trying To not think it about it too much but it's getting harder everyday.

You could ask to see the printed report from the ultra sound. See if a ct scan is suggested.If so ask the gyno for the scan first. also request a CA125 blood test before your procedure. If there is any hint that it could be OC you only want a GYN/ONC to do the surgery if possible. They have much more experience/teaching/training. Hoping for only the very best for you.

Thank you so much, I'm going to call today.

Another recommendation - any time you have tests or procedures done, get copies of the reports or results and keep them in a file. It will help when you want to go for second opinions. It will also help you understand better what is being considered - and not considered. Do you know if you have had a CA125 blood test done yet? If not, I would request one. Results are definitive, but they could be suggestive.

Thanks, yea I'm picking up my results today from the office. And I will ask when I go back next week for the blood test. Thanks so much.

get my chart if possible also ask for a cat scan I had same worries turned out I also had diverticulitis on top of a cyst...pain in same area bloating back pain just as feeling that something is wrong low-grade fevers and do not ever feel bad about pushing for more the DNC is to make sure that you have no ovarian cancer they are doing the right tests or just not being great about communication you have to be your own Advocate demand that they explain everything at all stages but your notebook to the to your appointments

Hi SabinaM43,

I'm sorry you're having all these medical issues. ...haven been in the medical field for 30 yrs ..you have to tell the Dr's what you want. I would go back to my gyno Dr.and insist on an Abdomen/Pelvis MRI. The 3 weeks time span is to long for me. It may not be Oc, hopefully not, but at least you'll have peace of mind. We only get one life in this world..take care of it. Good luck!!!!!

I'm have an appt. Tomorrow with her. That k you, I will keep everyone posted.

Just an update, I had an endoscopy on the 13th because if all the issues I been having with my stomach pain and bloating. I have the H-pylori bacteria and chronic gastritis. On the 17th I had an endometrial ablation due to horrible periods, still waiting on the pathology results from the d&c that was done at same time. Ultrasound on Dec 1st to recheck cyst on ovary. I know its still there because of the pain which I'm having on the left side now as well. I just want this all to be figured out so I can get back to myself. I feel like I'm pregnant all the time. So uncomfortable.

Dear Sabrina, please insist on a transvaginal ultrasound and CA-125 test. If those show something scarey, a CT-PET scan will show more of what's happening. My health insurance wouldn't pay for mine, but it was the best $4,000 I ever spent (loan from bank!). God Bless you; I hope nothing bad shows up!💖


I would not worry to much either about waiting. But I wou lj d schedule an appoint mb ent with a gastroenterologist. You could have something as simple as IBS. By the way I do have IBS and my gastro is the one who found my ovarian cancer. Sounds like you are on top of things. Best wishes, stay positive and good luck!

Ask you GYN dr to give you a vaginal ultrasound and the CA125 blood test

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