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Need some advice


Hi everyone, I have a few questions .. I have pain, extreme bloating, never hungry, exhausted and losing weight. It hurts my lower tummy region to sit and bend over straight down.. bad bad stabbing pains. I had an ultrasound and a transvag ultra sound. It showed small masses in both ovaries. There was a complex mass with thin septal calcification and some with calcification in my right ovary a cystic neoplasm can not be ruled out ... there was the same in my left but with some vascularity and calcification of the cyst walls.. I was scheduled for an MRI a week later, with and without contrast. I waited for results and had to call the office. Turns out my doctor is not on my insurance at this time, I had to see a nurse/ midwife .. it took a week to get in .. she had me come in .. she did not even know I had an MRI.. I was so angry .. then she said not to worry my ca125 was at 8.. then she read my MRI.. it said the left ovary mass contains multiple cysts and surrounding ovarian tissue enhances following contrast administration. Multicystic left adnexal mass benign and malignant etiologies are possible follow up is RECOMMENDED.. they had it capitalized. The mass has grown twice the size in a week.. it is still small. 3.2 3.0 3.0 then it said my right adnexa appears normal????? What??? Anyway the nurse midwife says whoa.. I asked her what a follow up would be, she had no idea.. she said she better talk to the dr and get back to me . They made me an appointment with the dr because she should be back on our insurance by the 19th.. my bladder is also moderately distended which explains why I have to pee all the time and may explain the bought I had for almost a week ( no bladder infection) with bladder pain then the feeling my bladder was trying to come out .. by the time they could get me in for a bladder pressure test, I was feeling better (pain wise) but still have pressure. I didn't want to spend the extra $ 200.00.. I have heard nothing from them, that was over a week ago.. my stomach gets so bloated I am getting stretch marks. Most days I hardly eat anything, I am very wiped out. Then there are days I feel a bit better and can get stuff done, then it's back to feeling sick and bloated. Should I get copies of my tests and just go see an gyno/onc? I'm very uneasy about what is going on. Thank you for any help you can offer .

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Hi, sorry to hear of all your pain. Please get all your copies of reports and then find an ob/gyn oncologist. Depending on where you live,there is help out there.Hope you get the help you need. Good luck and keep the faith.Many of us here have gone through the same symptoms.Take care

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Thank you so much for your reply. I didn't know if I would seem like I was trying to be a know it all by doing that . I hope you have a great day.. I've been reading some of the stories. My thoughts and prayers are with each and everyone of you .. XOXOX's

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I second Cjbloomq. Get all your test results, and find a good obgyn oncologist, who specializes and even better make sure they are on your insurance plan. Ask a lot of questions, tell them every detail. It's your body and you need to get on it now. Best of everything. Get a second opinion.

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Thank you so much for your reply. I'll keep you all posted .

Do a biopsy and clear ur mind whether masses are cancer or benign ca 125 is in range but bloated and other symptoms sre are not good

Thank you. My dr has not given me a referral, I see her later today. I have not been able to get a return call from their office since I have asked for one . I feel it is because she is also a surgeon and wants to do any procedures that are needed. I will find out today, My husband is going to the appointment with me. Thank you for your reply.

Do what every but don't take too much time do it immediately

Yes, most definitely take charge of this and find a gyn/onc. Will you need an official referral? If so ask your provider for one and they should fax all test results to the specialist. Don't be afraid of what anyone thinks. It's your body, your life. Best of luck as you do what you have to do to get to the bottom of this. You can do this!

Hi there, im sorry u r having this problem .. but let me say thats how i started out... mind u i was walking every morning 5 miles.. n i ate somnewhat sensible... cuz i still had as all women do.. but as i notice i was constantly getting sick i would even vomit water.. n then i started getting real tired.. i thought it was jut me over exerting myself. N also my sugar... So I just took it easy nbstarted hom e a lot n rested but as soon as i tried to get the energy to move about i would have pain n then suddenly i was big n bloated n had hard stomach n on bad days as it got really worse it look like i was pregnant 9months to b exact

Please go c an oncology gyn. N get all test don e ASAP.. if u can get copies of ur ultrasounds vaginal n abdominal n ur MRI.. n take with u to ur appt. To the oc gyn. Cuz if it's growing like that u want no waiting tim e to pass.. n please research the surgeon if u need one.. mine was an emergency op. N I was like in labor ever 28mins every 4 hours for almost 4 moths nbkept getting sent homne from hospitals after the hurt me nvtook me they have NO ob/ gyn department... trust me u want to b pushy n stay on top of this n b very demanding about it.. I wish u the best .. if u r my area please stay away from Abington hospital... that's where I had my surgery... horrifying ordeal..

Hi guys, sorry I have not gotten back on here .. I ended up with a bad concussion. I finally got in with an gynecologist / oncologist .. he talked to me. Gave me a pelvic exam? Said he did not feel anything.. my cysts are small. Wants another ultrasound in November.. mind you I’ve met my $6,000 deductible this year .. I wanted to get things taken care of if need be this year.. he said just because my reports said “can not rule out malignancy”, didn’t mean they need to come out. He said,”I am not even pre menopausal yet. He is not concerned” . He asked if I had the reports sent to my home. I said yes, he said “this is why we are in this predicament”... What??? Predicament??? With all the cancer in my family and family members not being diagnosed until stage 4.. I’d rather not go through that .. why would he think a pelvic exam can tell more than a ultrasound and mri? I have an appt with a new gynecologist on Friday to get a second opinion .. I’ve read that ca125 is low in early stages of ovarian cancer and in some mucus types of cancerous cysts .. am I just over sensitive here???

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