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Could I have ovarian cancer?

Hi I’m 26years old and I’m so scared that they could be testing for ovarian cancer. Back when I was 20 I had a ruptured cyst and was found to have a cyst on my left ovary which didn’t cause any bother. In May 2016 when I was 24 I was in unbearable pain and in and out of hospital. They were first treating me for endometriosis but later found a nice 12.5cm by 12.2cm fibroid which weighed 6lb. In December 2016 I had an open myomectomy to have the fibroid removed.

Since my op things just haven’t been right. The pain was coming and going and my periods were just getting worse. January this year the pain came back just as bad as it was when I became ill in 2016 and has not left. I’m in pain every single day and some days I’m unable to move. I’m currently not able to work due to being on strong pain relief.

I just had my ultrasound on Friday and they seemed really off wth me. She told me that she couldn’t see any fibroids but I feel like she can see something worse. After I left the hospital they got in touch with my doctor and have requested me that have a blood test. I don’t know what blood test they have requested but I feel it could be CA125. I have so much playing through my mind as you can understand only being 26. My mum had breast cancer which already puts me at a higher chance.

Am I just overthinking all of this?

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I am so sorry you are going through this. My best advice to you is to be persistent in following through with doctors to find out what is wrong and if one doctor doesn’t have the answer try another. You aren’t necessarily overthinking what’s going on. It sounds more like what you are doing is taking an active part in your health care and being an informed patient so that you can be a good advocate for yourself. Let us know what the doctors tell you. Know that we are here for you in the event that you are diagnosed with ovarian cancer. But in the meantime know that it could be any of a number of other conditions. One of the hardest parts of health care is waiting ... for doctor appointments, test results, discussion about what’s next. Best wishes to you. Gwen

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Thank you! I have phoned my medical centre this morning so I’m booked in to get my bloods tomorrow morning then will be getting my results from the scan on the 19th and hoping I’ll get my blood results on the same day. I’ll ask tomorrow if it’s a CA 125 blood test.


Hi I echo what Gwen's said. Great that you're being proactive in your health care by ringing them, etc. Wishing you all the very very best xx Sundra


I'm surprised they didn't do anything about your periods when you were going through all sure they would test for cancer.dont stress yourself out could be sists again

Good luck keep us posted,your in my prayers


Thought I would up date you all. So the blood test wasn’t a CA125. It was actually for something completely different. Because I was put on a drug called Esmya to try and shrink my fibroid which didn’t work. There’s now a safety alert on the drug and had to get blood tests to check my liver function as there are reports of liver problems from the drug. Results came back low by previous liver tests were low before I was on the drug, so to get tested again next month.

I will be getting my full results on my scan this coming Monday.

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