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Worried about ovarian cancer


Hello friends, I hope you are all having a great day. I'm super paranoid that I might have ovarian cancer. I don't really have any symptoms other than occasional frequent urination when I'm stressed and tingling in the lower abdomen. I had an ultrasound and tho my ovaries couldn't be seen, my uterus and my bladder and everything else was perfectly fine but I can't stop thinking that there's a chance I got still have it. Anyone had weird symptoms like tingling and was diagnosed with it? Thanks.

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Why couldn't your ovaries be seen on the scan is my first question...also, having had ovarian cancer, I too had frequent urination as a symptom, only it didn't come on when stressed. It's more like peeing all day long, and feeling like your bladder is never truly empty. And when you do pee, it's only a little at a time. (a tumor can decrease the size of your bladder) I would also get up to pee at night like 3 or 4 times, small amounts. I hope everything works out for you, but having had OC, it doesnt really sound like it to me.

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My ovaries couldn't be seen because I refused to do an internal ultrasound cuz it hurt and sometimes you can't see it through the external

When ovaries get very small (after menopause) they often can't be seen on an ultrasound. Your symptoms don't sound suspicious to me. Digestion can cause pelvic tingling. If you are concerned check your CA-125.

I'm only 19 and they couldn't see it because I had an external ultrasound. Doctors say I'm all fine but I'm just anxious lol

I honestly think you are absolutely fine! Anxiety is the worst, though. You sound like you have been very proactive and your doctors have been as well. But stress is not good for your body either. As an ovarian cancer survivor, I beg you to please continue to focus on coping with your anxiety.

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I'm trying but it's getting really exhausting. I'm proud of you BTW for beating it. Go you!

When I was diagnosed it was because my tumor was so large it pressed upon my bladder and I couldn't pee.

Thst said I have suffered since I was 35 was frequent peeing and pain when stressed. I am 66 now and on an anti spam med that works perfectly.

You are do young. Learn to deal with the stress and see if that doesn't do the trick and drink plenty of fluids. The day before I prepared Christmas dinner for twelve it would come on every year. Clearly for me it was stress

There are a number of other reasons for those symptoms as well if you goggle them.

Happy to chat further with you so I struggled on and off for years trying to figure it out

Hi! Get referrals to a urologist, a gynecologist and gynecologist oncologist. They have information to relieve your concerns.

Please ask them to give you a vagina ultrasound. It’s the only way to actually see the ovariies.

Please keep in touch

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Ask that your doctor check your C-125. It’s a simple blood test. I don’t understand why they can’t do that as part of your yearly check up.

I didn’t have any symptoms. The tumor was as big as a softball before it burst.

Went to Er, and found out I had ovarian cancer.

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