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Hello. I was diagnosed with ovarian and colon cancer A1 stage 3 on July 6th. After surgery ( hysterectomy and part of colon removed) started chemo 3 week's later. Treatment every 21 days. Just finished the 4th outta 8. Having major leg pains numbness in fingers. Stomach is just a big mess. Been in the hospital for pankerious and the pain is unreal. changed diet. not much help. struggles with so many things fingernails are cracking n pealing off in layers. The only relief is when they put me on steroids. my dr. doesn't seem to want to give me pain pills. and has the worst bedside manor. I feel she doesn't believe me. I know depression is taken over. I battle with my self to continue treatment. I want to live I have grandchildren that I cherish. just feel alone in my struggles. I stay so tired between treatments. pain and weaknesses are hard to deal with. I know I'm half way through chemo and I'd be a fool to stop now. so I just try to rest and eat the best I can. any advice would be great. Ty so much.

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  • Hi there I totally know where you are coming from. I was dx stage 3c OC in December 2014. You just start recovering from surgery and then you get zapped with chemo. I too suffered with really bad leg pain and still do although it's nowhere near as bad as it used to be. Please find comfort in the fact that once you get through your treatment it does get easier although psychologically it's tough and I definately benifited from counselling and going to support groups. I think the best mindset for me was accepting the new me rather than keep trying to get back to the old me. Stay strong and be kind to yourself. Big hugs,Sue x

  • I have to agree on letting the old me go is the hardest. I miss so many things from that place in my life. But now I'm on this new path i can't stop. I must keep digging my heels in deeper than ever before. I hope we can both on day rejoice from the rooftops that we are victorious in beating this. I look forward to hearing from you and anyone to help in trying to understand and overcome this disease.

  • Hi.... I haven't been to chemo yet..I have stage 1 ovarian cancer... I'm going on 4 weeks post op from a hysterectomy. .. still healing from that.. I'm not ready for chemo as I'm scared as hell from it but I've heard positive and negative stories.... I hope and pray I will fair well through it.... I wish you well.... I'm sure being depressed is easy through this...I get depressed myself ...

  • It's so easy to get down and depressed much harder to be strong... chemo is not easy ride but it is doable you get through it... I just said to myself I'm doing this to make me well... I'm going to fight and be as positive as I can as I feel it will help my outcome... I smile as much as I could and planed social events for when I was well to have something to look forward to ... I finished chemo at the beginning of October still not back to normal as yet but I'm getting well with the help of the lovely ladies here πŸ˜ƒ

  • I follow alot of sites. Some of these holistic sites that say don't do chemo. .but what if I don't. Will this cancer return.. so many what ifs. That's why I like this site. It's listening to people's experiences first hand... chemo scares me. I feel like it's poison but what are my choices.

  • It was the hardest decision of my life I was diagnosed 1c1 clear cell my onc gave me the option to have chemo or not... I had just had a big op they removed all of the cancer no cancer cells found anywhere else ... I was told it may come back it may not ... I felt I had to give myself the best chance of survival if I don't have chemo and it comes back I would be kicking and berating myself ... so for belts and braces I have chemo no just in case .... this gave me the peace of mind to no that I was giving myself best chance for beating cancer... there are no guarantees even tho I done chemo it might still come back... in that case I will fight again.., chemo is poison and your body goes through a lot it kills growing cells so it targets hair follicles as well as cancer... the cannula is the worst bit once that's in you have pre chemo drugs the steroids make your bum itch strange sensation lol but then it's a matter of reading chatting ... we used to have a little picnic ... you get to know the poeple and you don't feel unwell all the time.. there are good anti sickness meds that can be changed to suit you and I got some pain killers prescribed for joint pains (you may not get them not everyone does) if you have any worried or problems there is always someone who knows what your going through and that helps a lot.. it reassures you you are not alone 😍😍πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸ˜ƒ

  • I have clear cell yes I will do chemo with hesitation but as you stated you gave to give yourself a chance and I want to live ...and live life to the fullest. . What is a cannula?

  • I felt diagnosis of clear cell it was an obvious choice in the end... if your having weekly chemo they usually put in a port or line but as mine was three weekly I had to be cannulated every time it involve a fine needle in the back of you hand so they can attach a drip so the chemo drugs go directly into a vein... hope that not too gross 😳

  • I have all these questions now .. the day my dr told me about cancer my mind shut down ...the cannula kinda sounds like an IV I guess

  • Yes that's it ... write your questions down and take them to your next appointment it helped me as I'm quite forgetful 😳

  • I will write them down. I go back in 2 weeks at that point it will be 6 week check up since my hysterectomy. .not looking forward to that since he will be checking the personal area ugh... I hope it doesn't hurt but I'll ask him lots of questions..

  • It didn't hurt me but they just checked my scar and prodded me a bit ... let me know how you get on xx

  • No its not to gross at this point I'm like a kid in a candy store. I want to know all i can. I've seen pictures with it in the hand and was wondering why they did it like that. I have a port. Ty for your information. Keep me posted on how things are going.

  • Ty i truly am hoping that this site helps me understand what is on. I'm like in a whirlwind of it all. You put everything so well together with your words I'm sure going to be following you. You can write to where i understand and have hope and that's what drew me to this site. Ty so much.

  • Ikr- I feel that way too. I can't not do it. So i must force myself to do this. I got so much to live for I couldn't not try anything that could help me live. But some days are harder than others and that's why I am so grateful for this site. I feel this is going to help me be more knowledgeable and positive. And with that I feel like I will have a better chance to win this battle.

  • Indeed we will win this battle !!

  • Oh you given me hope. I can't wait to enjoy the feeling of knowing that I'm on my way back to better health. Keep me updated on your journey so i can celebrate your victory with you.

  • Oh honey I'm not going to say it's not hard but everyone is different. For me the first day of chemo I'm at my very best. I feel so awesome. It's just not the same afterwards. But i will pray and keep you in my heart each step of the way. You can talk to me anytime. Not to say i don't know much about this disease. But i can listen and support you in anyway possible i will.

  • Hi, although I haven't yet started the chemo (10 days post-op) I am preparing myself mentally for what's to come. First came shock and disbelief and now I am in acceptance stage. I have ordered some homeopathic meds upon the recommendation of a homeopath to help me thru chemo. Let me know if anyone is interested and I can give details. I also am trying to do some deep breathing exercises.

    I can't yet feel your pain but please know that everyone is praying for you and wishing the best outcome. I have heard that a positive attitude and strong willpower goes a long way!

    Lots of hugs!

  • hi Veronica. one good tip I got from one teal sister at the inspire blog, was to prevent neuropathy you got to ice your hands and feet!.. I brought with me ziplock bags my husband filled them with ice and put a light towel on it then just put your feet on top. works wonderfully, I have zero neuropathy! do the same with your hands.

  • Oh I'm going to so try this. Ty so much! !

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