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Avastin Question - for short or long term use?

Hello all,

I'm a newbie on here, on behalf of my mother. I'm seeking your thoughts and prior experience about Avastin. My mom has stage 3 high grade serous oc. She has had 3 chemo sessions with Avastin, then surgery which went quite well and now to finish 3 more chemo with Avastin sessions. I asked if she should continue the Avastin afterwards and he seemed unsure.

His thoughts were that she could do a few more Avastin rounds afterwards but maybe not all year (she will have to pay for it herself) He said maybe it could be saved for use in case of reocurrance.

So, I'm wondering if some of you have been prescribed Avastin and for how long? Did it seem much more worth it to stay on it longer term? I'm a bit confused by all the variability in treatment options, though I know there are differences in the types of ovarian cancer.

Thanks for any input!

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From what I've been told its most effective to kill the cancer cells after surgery.then stop and be monitored for any cells coming sounds like your mom's been through a prayers go out to your mom and your family


How do they typically monitor for cells coming back?

Thanks for your feedback!


By her blood/cat scan


Ovarian cancer is monitored by CA125 from a blood test plus PET or CAT scans. I would get a second opinion - I thought Avastin was for recurrence. I have high grade serous, stage 4, - started on carbo/TAXOL after surgery, then switched to Gemzar/cisplatin. Good luck to you.


My doc automatically puts stage 3 and 4 on avastin after surgery and chemo to prevent recurrence.


I have stage 3c ovarian cancer since 2013. I have gone through chemo,surgery,chemo on and off since then. I was put on Avastin for maintenance for about a year,back in 2016. Did well except side effects of high blood pressure and kidney issues. Ca125 went up and was put in trial for immune therapy. Did not work,so back on chemo. Doing great so far. Ca125 went from 583 to 54 since Nov. Doc always said the cancer will come back,so I live with a chronic disease. Attitude is the key ,and faith. Keep your chin up, there are many new treatments out there.

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Thanks for the replies so far. It sounds like there are different strategies available.

Being in Canada, Avastin is only covered by govrtnment health insurance for women who didn't have successful surgery "optimal debulking". They get a year Avastin paid following chemo. My mom had optimal debulking which is good so now Avastin doesn't get covered. She still got chemo and responded very well. When the doctor said to us that it may not be necessary now but maybe it for recurrence, I felt uneasy since isn't the goal to prevent recurrence as much as possible? We will need to pay out of pocket if we want to continue Avastin so we wonder if it's worth paying for it. It's expensive as you all may know.

Doc said the maintenance drugs come into play after a first recurrence so he thinks it could be good to save it for that point. I need to talk to him more about that next appointment.

Is maintenance treatment approached in a similar or different way in your area where you are treated?

Thanks again,



I have been avastin for a year and recently started taken urine test and

Have very high levels so right now no more avastin. Make sure that they

Check urine every time your mom goes. Hang tight honey sending positives




Very high levels of protein in urine from avastin. Just making what I said clearer



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