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Has anyone had major pain after IV of zometa? My after effects were extremely painful for 3-4 days.

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Breast Cancer History:

1st 1990 - breast cancer stage 3. Lumpectomy - chemo - radiation

2nd 2018 - breast cancer in both - double mastectomy

3rd 2021 - lobular cancer originated rt side near underarm. Currently on Ibrance/ letrozol.

Doc took me off Ibrance while undergoing radiation in November 2021

November 2021 - IV of Zometa. The 3 days after the IV, I was in so much pain, then slowly returned to normal. Doc plans is to administer Zometa at 6 month intervals for 2 yrs.

Starting on 2nd cycle of Ibrance/lectrosol next Tuesday.

Has anyone else had major pain after Zometa injection?

Thanks for listening


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Hi, Kathy. My first Zometa infusion I was in excruciating pain and felt flu-like for three days. I slept a lot during that time. I have been fine since. I got the injections monthly for six months and now every three months. Some tips are make sure you take Tylenol before. Also, some say Claritin before and after for a few days helps with bone pain. Make sure they infuse for at least 30 minutes. The slower the drip, the better. Most likely it will never be as bad again. It’s usually always just the first time.

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Hi. Yes After my second infusion of zometa I was in pain. I could hardly walk. It got better after that. Hope this helps. Happy New Year 🎉🥳

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Great tips to try at a next treatment. My IV was for 15 minutes so I will ask for slower drip. Also will take Tylenol and Claritin before and after. The Zometa bone pain after was similar to chemo after pain I've experienced . I will ask oncologist to slow the drip. Had no warning from Doc about after pain nor anything to take before or after. 😜 and will report if pain was lessened at 2nd treatment of Zometa with the slower drip as well as Tylenol and Claritin and it being 2nd treatment. Thank you very much for sharing. May you heal and live a long and healthy life. Kathy

Hi Kathy! I had bad pain after my first infusion. It started 2 days after the infusion and I had body aches and bone pain (I have extensive bone mets). Since that one, I usually get some level of bone pain which can last 2-3 days. I do try to make sure I’m hydrated before the infusion and I’ve also heard that Claratin taken before can help but I haven’t tried it.

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Next treatment of Zometa I will hydrate before as well as other recommendations. Slower drip and Tylenol and Claratin before and after. I will report results with the above changes. May 2022 bring healing and joy to you.Thanks


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I’ve had Zometa every 3 months since May of 2015. It makes me tired the next day, but no pain. I’ve got lobular and ductal . My lobular spread to my stomach after 6 years, so am now on Ibrance and Tomoxifen. I have a new doctor who said my ductal is a fairly “good “ kind as far as can be expected, but the lobular numbers etc. are my real trouble. He also said lobular tends to affect the digestive system. Neither of my previous two doctors ever explained any of that to me. Hope you get relief from the pain. Best of luck to you.

Yes, Zometa felt like my bones were in a car crushed. The same thing happened when I was on neupogen in 2019 during chemo. I have found if you take claratin a week prior to getting the IV, and a couple days after, it is a major help. Also if they increase the IV fluids during your infusion. Hope this helps. I had stage 3 Lobular, had mastectomy, chemo, radiation, now 2 months ago, it has turned to stage 4 with Mets to spine.

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Thank you for the great information. I just started Ibrance on Dec 27th. Letrozole about a month before that. My oncologist wants me to get infusions every 4 weeks. The 2nd opinion I got said every 6 weeks. Everyone here is saying months. I'm going to have another conversation with my oncologist. My last bone scan was actually better and my CT scan was stable. I've hired a holistic doctor to get healthy. I'm exercising every day and eating much better and cleaner. I am overweight but have lost 35 lbs since my 2nd diagnosis in August.

I hate that we are all here but thankful at the same time. Thank you again.

2017 stage 2 ER+PR+ Her - (Mastectomy right side, 5 lymph nodes removed - no disease, deip flap reconstruction, no chemo, no radiation, no tamoxifen)

2020 stage 4 ER+ (90% estrogen) PR- Her-, suspicions of bone metastasis, lesions on the chest and mastectomy breast plus hardening of the deip flap fat in the breast (Letrozole, Ibrance and zometa)

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