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Megastructures great cancer

Hi I am new to this post. I had breast cancer 13 years ago, had a mastectomy, lymphnodes removed and reconstruction done. After chemo, radiotherapy and tablets everything has been fine. I have just been diagnosed with two breast cancer tumours opposite one another in my stomach plus bone cancer. I am on my second cycle of instance 125mg and letrozole. My blood counts has come back low and I might have to have a lower dose o instance. I am told that it is very uncommon to get metastic breast cancer in the stomach, has anyone else had this.


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Hello, LIMEHOUSE3! Although I have no mets to stomach, I have bone mets after a 17-year "pause" in my initial breast cancer diagnosis. Am also taking 125mg of Ibrance in addition to letrozole; I have my second pet scan on April 30, since my first one 5 months ago (at diagnosis). Like you, my white counts fell; may help to add immune boosting supplements to keep the white counts from plummeting. God bless you on this journey; this is a great community of supportive MBC patients! Linda


Hi, my name is Jenny. Sorry to hear you have bone cancer after so many years. It is a bit of a surprise isn't it after so long. I only went to my doctor because I had a lot of acid reflux. I'm glad my doctor decided to send me for an endoscope. How did you discover you had bone cancer. How are you coping with it. I have had no side effects from taking inbrance other than the low blood count and my hair seems a lot tthinner. Do you take a supplement to help the immune system. Obviously things have progressed since we had breast cancer. Taking tablets is much easier. At the moment it seems all hospital visits and blood test, but I am sure it will get easier. Wish you well.


Hi, Jenny!

My metastases were discovered after I noticed a lump in my right armpit this past November. I immediately went to see the breast cancer surgeon who had treated me at my first BC diagnosis 17 years ago. At that time, three sentinel nodes were excised to determine if cancer had spread. I opted for a bilateral mastectomy despite the fact that the cancerous lump was in only one breast and there was no evidence of spread. I had no other treatment, but lo and behold, here I am.

A pet scan was done in December, and spread was found to spine. I do take a supplement called "astragalus" to help bolster my immune system; turmeric for inflammation; and then the standard vitamins, which include Women's Multi, Calcium, A, C, D, and Iron. I have also read and heard that Biotin, once you've been taking it long enough, helps to reduce hair loss.

I wish you all the best, too, Jenny! This is not an easy road for any of us, but so far, it has been manageable. XO Linda

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