Stomach mets?

Anyone have experience with mets to stomach? PET/CT showed suspicious area near stomach. Endoscopy showed three ulcers that were biopsied but won't get results until Wednesday. Oncologist and GI Dr both feel it is the Breast cancer.

If this has happened to you, what was your next treatment step?

I'm currently on Kadcyla once every three weeks and daily Exemestane

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  • Hi Cheryl -

    I have probable ILBC in the area outside my stomach lining. Just recently discovered with a CT with contract (new oncologist - this CT will now be my baseline). I am having my 2nd CT on 6/15 so that onc can see if there is change. I have been doing hormonals and combos, including Faslodex and iBrance for the past 2 1/2 years. TM keep rising considerably. No symptoms of anything with digestive area. Currently only on Exemestane. My onc says that once we confirm the "suspicious" area, we will be moving to Xeloda.

    - Candace

  • My onc thinks radiation next and staying on Kadcyla

  • Radiation may be a good option. I used local procedures to treat lung mets twice. Surgery and radiofrequecy ablation. RFA is done by an interventional radiologist, even though radiation is not involved. Rather, the tumor is burned with radiofrequency waves. Minimal invasion.

    Do you have metastatic ILBC? Sometimes patients with ILBC have the same mutation (CDH1) that appears in people with gastrointestinal cancers, and they get mets in places like the stomach.

  • My original Dx was DCIS, so I don't fit that pattern

  • Was in xeloda just changed to Halaven

  • Candace,

    Lobular breast cancer can be very sneaky and often shows up in places other than the usual ones (bone, lungs, liver, brain). The good news is that lobular bc often response well to hormonal treatment. If you haven't seen a bc specialist onc, this would be a time to consider that.

  • I am on Halaven couple of lymph nodes swollen in upper stomach from breast cancer also

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