mets and chemo

I have breast cancer stage4 which is also mets that is in my lung and stomach i am getting chemo had 5 treatments so far and after my 3rd one ,i had a ct scan done which showed my lump and the cancer cells in my lung &stomach were shrinking with my chemo after 4/5 months nxt wk is my last one from the 6 ive to get then ive to get another scan to check again then my review to see what nxt happens ,i also know that i have a cyst on my right ovary and the top of my right lung is still collapsed from christmas so need to find out what doctors are going to do about both hopefully sort them heres hoping the fluid thats still there and the collapse makes it sore

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  • It's great news that the ct showed improvement! All of us who do well with stage IV bc start out one step at a time like this. The stomach is not one of the organs that bc often metastasizes to. Do you have lobular bc? It sometimes shows up in odd places like that, but does tend to be more easily controlled that some other bcs. I hope your lung can reinflate, either on its own or with help! Getting enough oxygen sure makes a difference in our day to day functioning. I hope that good initial response to treatment will continue for you and that you'll do well for a long long time. Sending cyberhugs, {{{HUG}}}

  • ive not been told if i have that just stage4 mets that had spread to other areas according to the hospital when i went to get my scan done to check what was causing me to be in pain and breathless my cancer had already spread to my lung i was showing the last signs i had lung cancer i was so lucky that when i went to see a gp the second time she acted quick the first one sent me home told me to take pain relief but by then it was 2 late my breathless had gotten worse nothing helped by the time i went to the hospital for a scan and got the results my lung had already collapsed and my chest was full of fluid

  • Thanks so much for posting We are here for you in your time of troubles Please continue to use us as a support system. Best of luck with your other ailments I hope that they get sorted out soon.

  • What chemo are you on. I landed in hospital because of complications to my lung I had 1 treatment of haleran hopefully it will work. Glad you are having success with your treatment

  • im on EC drugs for my chemo that seem to be helping ive not had any complications yet just different side effects my lung was collapsed before i found out i had the cancer if i hadnt gone to see about my pains or problems with my lung i would never have known i had breast cancer or it had spread i know its incurable and can come back anytime or another place as im also triple neg i also found out in march that one of my brca2 genes has a mutation and also high risk of getting ovarian cancer nxt which doesnt help when im trying to beat this cancer which i am doing so glad been really hard on my 10 yr old

  • trg3,

    I will say prayers that you will be strong and get through everything that needs to be done to help you. Thank God you went to the Doctor's and have a diagnosis!

    I am wishing you well. It may be an uphill battle but have faith that you'll deal with one day and one procedure at a time. Keep up posted! Kats3

  • Praying that your tumors continue to shrink. God is good. I have had Stage IV MBC for 3 years and so far so good. I have another scan next month. Always makes me nervous. Keep your faith. A positive attitude means everything. 🙏

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