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Having bless moment time,

I have triple positive breast cancer,and went to lungs and liver, The doctor has a cookie cutter way of doing thingd when it comes to medicine, given five years to live, the other patience the not doing well at all that the doctor has, who are terminal like me, something is really wrong about the treatment, so I tried Bee propolis ultimate Red,green brown from Brazil and B 17 and now there is no cancer in my lungs or liver, just a little in my breast, the treatments and this together work very well with calcium 600mg D-3 ,🤗 it's only been one year. MW.

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I had a cookie cutter doctor too. You need to definitely find a nearest Cancer group: Gildas house, look up ask around your area or another state for you're state. They can help find an Oncologist whom is caring, on the ball, savvy, and helping you as 1 in her many patients. If not call around and visit other hospitals. Do this like you would hire an employee for watching over our greatest gifts: extra time, life, and wellness of being.


Wonderful to hear about your response to cookie-cutter treatment + your other choices. I too didn't exactly follow the standard of care and added local procedures like surgery and radiofrequency ablation in the lung to them. My result was also good, but it's hard to tell in advs CEO what the outcome will be. Thanks for letting us know. Joan


Greetings: MLWilson I do believe there are natural cures for cancer. You are the proof that

this particular holistic modality , Bee Propolis is working for you.Others may need smaller or

larger dosages or different natural cocktails like or similar to what you are taking. Imagine

how many other natural treatments that we don't yet know of that are capable of slowing

down, stopping and killing cancer. God bless you for letting this information be known to

those of us on this journey. I pray you will have full healing/restoration in

your body and all of us who are striving for victory over this disease. Amen!


Hi ML Wilson77,

Where do you get this Bee propolis stuff? Never heard of it. Thanks! Kats3

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