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How to live a more normal life on oxygen?


I have metastatic breast cancer in my liver, but mostly in my lungs. I am on oxygen and can manage my daily life ok. But the problem comes in when my family keeps encouraging me to travel. I would like to take some trips, but I am afraid of the logistical nightmare of trying to travel with oxygen bottles and a concentrator. Has anyone else been able to successfully manage this?

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I don't use oxygen, but I see commercials on tv of a small one that looks like a pocketbook. Have you seen it?

Yes, I have. From what I have read I am currently on more oxygen than that is designed to deliver. But since my oxygen went up when I had pneumonia, I am hoping to get it down to a level where maybe I can use one of the small concentrator.

I hope it goes down soon. The best thing is to get away with friends. Hope you have a great day today.


Thanks I hope so too. Also hope you are doing well.

I am. I have pain in my back most days. Do not want to take pain meds, save them go the future. But I find if I keep busy I don’t notice as much. Mine is in back. Ribs spine arms. But I am doing well. I am going on cruise this month. Love cruises. So you take care and I hope you get to go on trips.

Enjoy your cruise. Hope that you feel well while on it. I hope I do get to travel soon

We do have another house about 4hours away and chemo is 2hours away. So it’s not the trips that are mostly in the car that worry me. I would like to possibly take an overnight trip, but worry about the logistics of that. Or eventually take a family vacation. I imagine it can be done, but would have to be planned well in advance.

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