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I am in the 5% of people diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer at the initial time of diagnosis. I am 44 years old. My tumor did not show up on mammograms. I found it myself 5 months after my annual scan. It has spread to my liver which was confirmed by biopsy. I finished my chemo in Jan '17. I recently had a pet scan which shows no evidence of disease. I am scheduled for a lumpectomy to remove whatever dead or potential cancer cells may be left. It has been a world wind since being dx in July '16. I could have made it through this as well as I have without my husband what has worked from home since I was diagnosed.

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  • My story is quite similar. I was diagnosed in September of 2015 when I just turned 41. An MRI of the tumor they saw in the breast also showed a lesion on the tip of my liver. My doctor said it was amazing that if the liver lesion was located anywhere else in the liver it would not have been seen. After a biopsy it was confirmed that I had 2 lesions on my liver as well as the primary tumor. After 19 rounds of chemo plus targeted therapies of Perjeta and Herceptin, Lupron injections and daily meds I show no evidence of disease as well. What is your current treatment? Best of luck with your upcoming surgery.

    I have another scan at the end of April. Hoping all is well with that scan. If so, I'm planning a trip to Ireland!

  • I am estrogen + progesterone+ and her2- I am on tamoxifen. I had 8 rounds of chemo. Cytoxen, taxatere and adryimycin. I am also going to get my ovaries removed so I'll eliminate any estrogen and will open up more drug treatment options.

    Hope your next scans come up clean! Such a good feeling!

  • Hi! Part of the 5% also. And also diagnosed July '16...have mets to the bones... blood work says I'm no evidence of disease but scans show mets shrinking but still visible. One on my rib is 2mm. Personally I didn't know something that small showed up!

    -Hope your scans continue to be clear!


  • Hopefully whatever threatment you are going through will continue to shrink the tumor, all 2mm of it.

  • I am a 5 percenter too. My oncologist and radiologist tech said that some scans like a pet/Ct can see the tumors that are as big as the dot a fine ball point could see. That they do not pick up anything smaller. It's sometimes hard to find in the pictures because sometimes it looks like a smudge.

  • I too was just diagnosed with bone mets. 49 years old . Will be starting letrozole, ibrance and xgeva. My onc says she has seen a lot of success with this combo. Trying really hard to remain positive.

  • My initial breast cancer diagnosis was also stage 4 with lesions in the liver. I was in total shock! That was in March 2015. I receive Herceptin and Perjeta now every 3 weeks and so far so good. Faith, family and friends are my rock! This website "of friends" has been so helpful, supportive, and encouraging. I hope you will find encouragement here and I wish you all the best with your treatments. Caroline

  • I'm glad your treatment was successful and that you have a supportive husband. My best wishes to both of you. I was diagnosed with BC with mets to my bones without any earlier signs. I asked my previous primary care physician if there was a chance that I had cancer and she said no. I changed providers soon afterwards. I later fell while hiking and fractured my vertebrae. An astute pain doctor had x-rays taken of my spine and my new primary care physician ordered a PET scan that showed tumors in my hip and spine. Thank God I found the right medical team that's kept me alive.

  • I am in the same boat as you. I had my first screening mammogram at age 40 in July 2016. Luckily an alert radiologist saw a pattern that he described as micro-calcifications in my left breast & ordered a follow up ultrasound & biopsy. I have very dense breast tissue & the acutal tumor was very hard to see on the mammogram & it was 7cm! Follow up MRI & PET scan showed other smaller tumors in the same breast & tumors in my liver. I did 6 rounds of Taxol/Gemzar with a mid-way scan at Mayo Clinic. The oncologist there was very encouraged by the progress & told me to go back home (Des Moines) & finish my chemo. I finished in December 2016 & another PET scan showed no active disease in my liver & only a small spot left in my breast. I had my ovaries removed in October. I just started my 3rd round of Ibrance & Femara & will scan again May 1. My tumor markers have continued to decrease & I have been feeling great & gaining my strength back.

    I also have a supportive husband & awesome family & friends. This site has been a welcome resource. Hope you find the same thing!

  • So glad you are doing so well. NEDs is something we all hope to hear. Your positive attitude inspires us. God Bless.

  • Our husband's, significant others and family, that support us are angels on earth. Congrants on being NED.

  • I'm a mets from the get go person, too. Bone mets only, so far. It's been 13 years of treatment with just two minor progressions. I've been very very fortunate to have nice easily controlled cancer cells. I was 58 when diagnosed, 71 now. I've always appreciated dark humor and there sure is alot of that to find with this lousy damn cancer! You'd never guess I have cancer to look at me. My biggest concern is that my onc will retire! lol She's great, very direct plus knows bc well. There are alot more treatment options now than when I was first diagnosed. I'm fortunate to have a husband who is always here for me. His first wife had an aggressive MS and she trained him well as a caretaker, poor guy. Between us, we have 3 grown daughters and they are all solid people and will help anytime we ask. I've had to really push myself to learn to ask for the help I need. We live out in the country and this spring has been absolutely gorgeous as things green up and bulbs and shrubs bloom. I don't think our lilac bushes have ever been more beautiful. Oh, cancer has never shown on a mammogram! Even when we know exactly where it is. Wish I could clone whatever it is about cancer that has allowed me to live with it so long, and give it to everybody with mbc!

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