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New to Mets, on Keytruda


Hi, I just joined this site, but I'm not new to SHARE Cancer support. I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer 8/2016. I'm on Keytruda immunotherapy and it's shrinking my tumors. I'm also flat - my explants were recently removed because I just kept getting infections from the reconstructive surgery.

I wish you all the best! xoxo


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Hello....Where are you receiving this Keytruda immunotherapy? Are you in a clinical trial here in the States? How are you doing with it? Is it infusion chemo? I never heard of this treatment.

I wish you positive results with this BC journey we're all on! Kats3

I'm on the clinical trial Keytruda at Rutgers Cancer Institute on New Jersey in New Brunswick. It's an infusion. It's immunotherapy, not chemotherapy. So far I have a head ache, nausea, a rash and fatigue, but nothing compared to chemo.

Thank you for your well wishes. I hope you have continued health.

Welcome to the group. You are in quite an interesting clinical trial. One that could be practice changing for triple negative breast cancer patients.

Thank you. Yes, I certainly hope Keytruda is a cure for TNBC mets!

Hi Chiara!

I get Herceptin for Immunotherapy being triple positive. I'm so glad to hear about the Keytuda! Moving from terminal to chronic disease is what we've all been hoping for...good luck and best wishes for more positive results!


Thank you Heather :)


Best wishes, Chiara, with your treatment. Joan

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Thank you Joan, best wishes as well :)

Nice to meet you and best wishes

Thank you Partia :)

Thank you for sharing your photo Chiara. You are lovely! Best wishes with your treatment!

Thank you, Barbara, I wish you the best.

You look great--pretty and with great color! I hope you feel as well as you look!

Thank you, that was at a photo shoot. I wish you the best.

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