Liver mets

The taxol I was on really worked well on my lymph node mets and lung mets but I progressed big-time in my liver. Now am on Eribulin and hoping that it works on all areas but especially the liver.

I am almost triple negative but do have 5% estrogen.

Has any one else had this type of peogression in their liver?

I wonder if a retest of my receptors would help.

Onc did mention targeted therapy but I have many spots and tumors.

Scans at end of February.

I'm still learning how to live with the fear of metastatic cancer.

Peace to all.


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  • Peace to you and best wishes. Mine is in my bones and a little in my lungs. Sorry to hear about your liver progression. Seems like lately Ive been bearing more about breast cancer mutating into different types. Hope this new medicine helps! !!

  • Hi Barbara!

    Praying all goes well with the new meds. Hope the new scans at the end of the month give u the positive news that u need.

    I was triple positive so I had different meds for my MBC with bone mets...

    Blessings to u as we journey together through this disease...


  • Thank you Heather. I appreciate it!

  • Barbara, I have heard that Epirublin can be quite an effective chemotherapy however, can be difficult to tolerate due to side effects. Immune therapy for triple negative patients is showing promise for treatment. Copper reduction therapy has also shown promise for triple negative patients. I think you may still have lots of treatment options. Have you had genomic testing done of your tumor? It could give you information that could target your treatment to what is seen with your tumor. NCI MATCH trial is currently enrolling patients. This trial is doing genomic testing and then matching up to treatments that are potentially effective against the mutation(s) seen. There are many sites throughout the country offering this trial. Stay strong. This week I ran into the only triple negative metastatic patient that I have met in my area. She has been on a chemo break for over 3 months without progression. When I met her 2 years ago she did not think that she would make it much longer. She has had metastatic cancer now for 3 1/2 years.

  • Thank you for your response. I am not truly triple negative as I have 5%estrogen which excludes me from many trials.

    Onc said no to nci match as test would need to be on liver and he says too risky.

    Encouraging news about triple negative patient.

    Onc said if Eribulin not working will retest hormone receptors and perform a liver procedure. This will let me know if anything changed in terms of receptors and her2.

    Of course I hope that Eribulin is working. Concerned asmy 27 29 marker test came back with a high score.

    Am doing ok on Eribulin.

    I appreciate your response. I will stay strong.

  • Barbara, I'm hoping that the Eribulin tackles all of the spots at once. And there are many other options. Peace to you, as well. Joan

  • Thank you Joan. Nice to hear from you. I rewatched the share videos and found them to be hopeful and helpful.

  • Barbara, I have been living with metastatic breast cancer for 13 years and met alot of women with mbc. I do not have liver mets myself but over the years have heard from several women that they had very extensive liver mets, even to the point of being in the hospital and expected to die, but when a treatment was effective, their livers have recovered extremely well and they have gone on to live longer with good quality of life. So the wisdom I draw from that is that it is not so much how extensive the liver mets are but rather whether an effective treatment for you is found I hope this will be it. The liver is remarkable as the only human organ that can regenerate itself! Hang on to that! Sending cyberhugs {{{HUG}}} and healing thoughts.

  • Thank you so much. Your message gives me so much hope.

  • I had My scans today and the Eribulin drastically improved my liver mets. I am very happy with this news!

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