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Scalp Mets


Just got biopsy results for small lump on scalp. Positive for breast cancer. My first official metastisis. Holy smokes! I haven’t cried this much since initial diagnosis. Anyone had or having this type of mets?

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I have Mets to my skull (bone)but not on the skin.

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I have 2 spots on my skull - not sure what it means- but I have it throughout my spine and hips- bone Mets have had it for three years -

Hi, Olive,

So sorry about your MBC diagnosis. When was initial BC? You’ve found a great group of supporters and fellow fighters. I know there are other women here who have described mets to scalp. My mets were to spine and pelvis. God bless you!! XXOO Linda in Seattle

Hi Linda. Sorry nor sure I answered you before. Initial BC was April 2014. Ductal and lobular with 19 positive lymph nodes on left removed. I have been very luck no lyphedema.

I have a rare Met also - still haven’t found anybody with mets to peritonuem only. Lots of great ladies here though. We each want to find somebody going down the same path as we are. Hope you find your cancer buddy/mentor.

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That is only what o have as well. I thought I had communicated that with you but maybe not. Where are you located?

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No I’m sorry I thought you had other mets too. I am in between Syracuse and Rochester Ny - where are you?

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Hi blms do I understand right that your only met is to scalp? I am in Manchester WA. I have “countable” bc cells in blood and bone marrow but no lesion/tumors except scalp

Hang in there, Oliveoyle! I'm so sorry about your MBC diagnosis, but you've come to a good place for support and information. I hope whatever treatment your doctors recommend will contain the progression.

Oliveoyle (cute!) thank you for sharing shit we need to be on the lookout for. I'm so sorry you have to go through that. I think every new diagnosis deserves a good cry before you get back on your feet to face it.

Yes! It turns out I needed a whole week of crying—then I realized I had forgotten cymbalta for many days. Probably since mets dx

I have a met on my scalp, I think it is just on the skin. Before I was diagnosed, I began wearing a hair clip and then shortly after that found the met. I thought it was a result of the clip irritating the area or something. Once in awhile it will itch like crazy. I have to find the exact tiny Speck or the itch seems to be the strongest and if I find that, I can usually get some relief. I am very sorry to hear that you found that met. I did just have a recent MRI and after taking Anastrozole for a year, the two spots at the base of my brain are gone.

Thanks for replying Wolverine. I found mine when I used purple shampoo. I thought it was the iron oxides making my scalp feel weird. I am glad your spots are gone! Anastrozole quit working for me. ❤️

I have scalp Mets since last March. It started the size of a pencil eraser before biopsy. After biopsy, the scab never healed and it’s just about the size of a nickel now. My oncologist said they are starting to see more Mets to scalp which for me is curious. Not much info on it in google....

The silver lining is that it can be treated w the same meds that I’m already taking for Mets to bones and liver. I know there is one other board member here I chatted w about scalp Mets.

Hi Snowcone thanks for responding. What meds are you on?

I have most recently been on a trial for Erdafitinib. No success. Prior to this, Ibrance/letrozole, afinitor/exemestane and folsadex.

I have scalp Mets. I was diagnosed MBC June 2018. While awaiting biopsy to confirm MBC in sacrum, I noticed a few small bumps and tenderness on right scalp. At first doctors thought it was just sebaceous cyst which happens as we age in various places - I’m 62. As it became more pronounced, I had scalp biopsy in December 2018 which confirmed scalp met. Oncologist thinks the bumps I noticed during the summer were part of the new MBC (2 other breast cancers in 2004 and 2014) but the Ibrance seems to have arrested it. No further change. It sure is weird but apparently it does happen. My tumor markers have declined on ibrance so I stay the course. I make sure to revisit my dermatologist every few months too. Just saw her last month and it’s stable. Good luck.

Hi Martha, thanks for sharing with me. Is the scalp bump the same size even though markers are down? I just started xeloda and was hoping I would be able to “feel” it working if bumps gets smaller ❤️

I’m not sure I’ve noticed a difference in the size. But, my oncologist, dermatologist and husband say it’s receded. There’s some folkice growth too. I’m told that’s a sign the ibrance is working.

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