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Bupropion in the US.....advice please again..banging on about the same old, same old.....

I am driving my GP practice crazy, trying to get some answers , but THEY ARE LISTENING NOW!!!! A younger Locum GP did loads of blood tests, iron, folate, B12, Ferritin, sugars, magnesium and more and guess what...All normal!!

I am currently taking an SSRI which is making the rls worse. I understand Bupropion is a better alternative to use. but its not licensed in the UK. I contacted Glaxo Kline Smith ( the manufacturer) in the uk, not really expecting a reply, but got a call the next day from them, which I think was brilliant!

Anyway the upshot is that it can be prescribed off label, if the GP is willing to take responsibility.

The lady at GKS is trying to find out the actual reason why there is a difference between countries. I dont know if its a cost thing or... as my GP thinks , it is not very effective! (although he thought it was an ssri!! I put him right on that one!!!! ha ha ..

I explained all this to my GP and he is not keen, but has gone away to do more research and think about it. He offered me a low dose of rhopinole? (sp) but I am anxious to avoid these drugs for as long as possible.

So what I need to know is ...has anyone in the US had any experience of buproprion and how effective it is.

I feel I need to carry on with an antidepressent because it has made such a difference to my mental health and wellbeing...apart from the rls problem, it has saved my life ....literally!!

Thanks for listening..Have a good day . I anm just about to take my 11 month old puppy out for her very first snowy walk!!! WE GOT BIG SNOW!!!!!

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Well, if he thought Wellbutrin was an SSRI, there is your first clue. It is called Wellbutrin in the uS, in a class all by itself, and is not known in any studies to worsen RLS. SSRI's and TRicyclics are the ones to stay away from, depending on what your doctor is prescibing an antidepressant for. He must have a PDR in his ofice, but iof it is not availbale in the UK unless it is prescrigbed off label, what would the "offf label" prescription say for you. Why are you taking it; it make a difference. That is brilliant that someone from GSK actually called you on your actual phone!!!! amazing, and good on you for taking the initiative!! ;) I know many peopel taking Wellbutrin with no RLS issues connected to it. But, SSRI's as you know are bad news, and tricyclics. look at the treatment page. The best page you will veer read, I promise, and the best informational web site for RLS. I personally know the RLS expert that runs it and maintains it and answers all questions. You can email him, even if you are in the UK.


Sorry nightdancer, I didn't understand some.of what you said.....what is a PDF?


A PDR is. Physician Drug Reference book


Thankyou x


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