What does too much Dopamine do to your system?

What does too much Dopamine do to your system?

This is the name of an article that explains why and how too much dopamine CAN cause all kinds of problems. livestrong.com/article/3815...? Someone had mentioned that because dopamine is made naturally by our bodies, we cannot gte too much. NOT true at all. Dopamine toxicity is very serious. But read the article and see for yourself. I read several before I posted this one to be sure. :) Dopamine can raise your blood pressure, because it pushes the blood thru the veins faster, hence why RLS could forseeably be connected with high bloood pressure because of the meds some of us take. If our dopamine levels are "normal" and we are still getting RLS, then dopamine may not be your problem at all. That is why the Parkinson's meds like Mirapexin and Ropinerole, plus the Neupro patch do not work for all of us, or the side effects `are too severe to be taking it. That is why I go a little nuts when I see how high the doses of some of the dopamine meds on this site and others. Too much dopamine is as dangerous as too much iron, or iron overload. And, dopamine "conducts" the iron through our veins. It is all mixed up together, so may explain why iron helps SOME people, dopamine meds help SOME, and others of us have to look farther than that to get any relief.

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  • Thanks for this nightdancer. I am forever telling people to stick to what the leaflet says is the right dose to take for RLS, when using the dopamine agonists. The leaflet says it for a reason, its whats been worked out as a safe dose...

  • That is RIGHT! That is when I see that someone is over the highest`safe dose, I start losing my mind, because I don't say this stuff just to hear the keys go pitter patter on my 'puter! LOL

  • Excellent and informative article. Thanks Nighdancer

  • Great article Nightdancer, I was prescribed Mirapexin and this contains Dopamine and it just made my RLS worse. So I just take Clonazepam to get some sleep and I am not groggy in the morning and I get the full 7-8 hours of blissful sleep but I still wake up with achey legs. But I am happy with that as I am scared of taking anything else.

  • Hi Glamourcat, not quite right about the Mirapex. This driug contains a Dopamine agonist that is a chemical that has a similar shape and behaviour as Dopamine but is synthesised in the laboratory.

    Hey I've just notice the original post in this thread was written 2 years ago or more. I wonder who else has left a comment not realising. Never mind I expect it is still relevant.

  • We all have to work out what is best for us individually with RLS for sure. I could never taske the dopamine meds, even when I kept them down, they did not work for me ever. Some people can take one little Mirapex, and be happy, but I suspect that their RLS is not as severe as some other cases. There are all kinds of levels of severity in RLS.

  • I know lots who take the pain meds (opiates),and say this helps, but not for me , i take Mirapexin too, and its the only drug that helps me.

    Like Romany, my RLS is also 24-7, so i have to agree with her,its really a strange one, and i think we all need to find our way with our own experiences.

  • What is the highest safe dose? I am on 5 x 0.088 mirapexin a day, any less and it just does not work, but at this level with tramadol I am almost symptom free. I hope you are keeping well, Caz

  • Just found this blog...although I do agree too high a level of dopamine in the body can be a bad thing...I have to question how dopamine conducts iron through the vascular system. I thought this was the job of haemoglobin. I have never heard of dopamine being involved. From what I understand it is solely a neurotransmitter. I'd be very interested to know more about it though..

    6 am and not been to sleep yet ...can you tell?

  • I was wondering about this myself, i do know that when we are stressed, our BP can raise, but ive not heard or read that Dopamines actually raise our BP

  • As I understand it , dopamine is given intravenously in some cases of severe hypotension (low blood pressure) ,acute shock, and cardiac arrest plus others. It raises blood pressure and heart rate.

  • Hi all. I'm on my 6th day now of no pain killers \codiene! Silly me this is the second time of addiction and I'm damn sure I'm off them for good. Worst of it is now is the RLS. I have looked into dopamine and I am now trying a protein drink that has all the right ingredients to naturally release dopamine. If this doesn't work then I will go to my docs and see what he can do on the dopamine thing. They have already put me on clonzapam but I want a natural sleep. Fingers crossed when my lazy brain starts to release dopamine on its own I should be sleeping like a baby. I feel for everyone who suffers RLS and I hope you all manage to contain it some way for a good sleep! Will post back soon with results for how I get on.

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