restless legs i found this

Over-the-counter medicine. Medicine can be bought without a prescription.







(a brand of Rotigotine)


Pramipexole dihydrochloride monohydrate

(a generic version of Mirapexin)


Ropinirole hydrochloride


Your doctor may also recommend

The following medicines do not have a UK license to be used for this particular condition. However, your doctor may recommend them if there is evidence to suggest they may help. If you have been prescribed an unlicensed medicine and have any questions, please contact your doctor or pharmacist, or call NHS Direct on 0845 46 47.




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  • And, exactly where did you find this, and how do you buy these prescription meds without a prescription? Please, a little more explanation and tell us what web site you are looking at, because this is just not so. Hope no one buys off the internet "pharmacies". If you buy without a prescription on a web site, the meds are most likely to be counterfeit, or not labled right; all kinds of issues. So, please elaborate.

  • i was looking on nhs site,

    i think it was

  • You HAVE to have a doctors prescription for any of these meds... I dont know where you found this...but i have to say its rubbish... I cant remember ever seeing this on the NHS site...but i will go and check...because this is very misleading info....

  • not sure if it was in this country

  • Ok, i have found what you have posted above. At the beginning of the sentence of Over the counter medicine...there is a little icon thingy which is in green OTC, that is to indicate on the site what can be bought otc, it doent mean the listed meds are otc....

    The meds listed at the end are the ones which are used as off label they are saying if you have any questions about that med. as in how does it work etc etc...get in touch with your doctor chemist or phone to ask NHS Direct.

    Hope that makes sense for anyone else incase they read the post and think they can buy the listed meds without a prescription...which is not so..

  • Thank you!! I just came back t check this out. Like I said, the only way you could possibly get these wthout a prescription is on an illegal internet pharmacy, or possibly Mexico.:) This is why we commenet, to keep things straight, and give out the right information. None of those meds have ever been available OTC. Thanks, Elisse, for straightening that out! :)

  • definately not !!!!!!!

  • patches are £75 for a pack of 28 anyway if you had to buy them !

  • The meds listed above are all POM..Prescription Only.

  • Hi everyone hey Flissy just read something wrong and was trying to be helpful try not to be too harsh :) x

  • hi all

  • Hi Flissy, i know you meant well. Just by leaving that little OTC icon out made your post a bit misleading. So i just went to explain what it really meant.... :)

  • yes thats ok no worries

  • Good Day fellow hopesters: I am now on my 4th day of trying thye patches. It seems like the 3mg is what Im going to need. I do have a ? for anyone that knows. I am using a 2mg plus a 1mg for the next week or until the doc gets a sample of the 3mg. Do I put them in the same area of my body???

    I also noticed that there is a 4/5/8 for people with Parkinson's. Have any of you with RLS ever tried a higher dose than the 3mg. Happy day to all...pain free and lots of energy.

  • I would put one on each upper arm if it was me. It is best NOT to go higher than the 3mg that is what is recommended to treat RLS. The higher you go, you will have more chance of augmentation... and the more chance of side effects which you would rather not have...

    Happy to see you have found the dose which works for you, may it continue.. :)

  • Hiya: Do you always put them on the upper arms. Supposed to change areas...I tried to put them on the back and messed them up. What does augmentation mean in re: to RLS. Thanx for telling me that. Also wanted to ask you about side effects. I am feeling rather sleepier than usual. Of course my sleep isnt restful as I've stopped the Ambien and now am on my own. tuvm

  • I always put them on the upper arms. but put them on the places it states in the leaflet.

    Augmentation means when the medication starts to work against you, the symptoms start earlier and stop working at night. There are 3 meds that mostly do that which are the dopamine agonists, The Neupro Patch, Requip (Ropinerole) and Mirapex (pramipexole). When augmentation sets in then its time to change meds...going higher on the dose will work for a while then augmentation will start again.

    Meds, can make you feel sleepy in the day, they definately do that to me. Mostly, that will past as your body adjusts to the med. I take it you do mean during the day you feel sleepy.?

  • Fentanyl and meth are also used in Canada for RLS

  • I assume you mean "methadone" as in the pain med, and not the crystal meth. ;) It is also used in the US in some cases, I take morphine and Vicodin (US)

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