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I have found that going Dairy Free helps my RLS meds work effectively

I have severe RLS, occurs any time of day and in whole body. For about 5 years I got relief by taking a hot bath, then I discovered Pramipexole but after increasing to maximum dose after 10 years, I had side effects and they stopped working. Switched to Gabapentin in the autumn 2013 but again these stopped working and also my new doctor would not prescribe as unlicensed in the UK and 3 weeks ago I started on 1 mg Rotigotine patches.

Whilst taking Gabapentin I read that going dairy free had helped someone so at the end of April 14 I tried one day dairy one day not for a week and immediately found my meds working again. I have had the same results with the patches and if I forget to apply a new one RLS kicks in.

So, if I use medication AND include a dairy free diet, the patch does work.

If I don't use the patch but remain dairy free, RLS kicks in with a vengeance.

I can recommend at least trying to exclude dairy if your meds no longer work effectively.

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Hi, was interested in your comment about getting relief from hot baths.Would the symptoms be relieved just whilst in the bath or after the bath aswell?

Hi, before meds, I used to get in the bath and fall asleep, waking around 3 am and then getting into bed. I had no idea if the effects would wear off once out. However, I can now say that I can get out after 20-30 mins without further onset.

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Yes my experience is my legs settle in hot bath but within 5 minutes of getting out they start againLuckily mine are now under control with meds.Glad you doing well

On a bad night i used to sit in a hot bath, as hot as i could bear. It was heaven while i was sitting in it, the sensations would disappear, i tried once to see if i could fall asleep in the bath, but as soon as i relaxed, back came the sensations and my leg would jump. It only helped while i was in the bath, and as soon as i was back in bed within an hour off my RLS would go again.

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Same here x

Are either of you on any medication for RLS? Sorry to hear the hot baths didn't work for either of you. I must admit that eventually they didn't work for me either. Medication seems to work up to a point for many people like me who then need extra help which is why I went dairy free after hearing a success story from someone else. Easy for me to do as I live alone.

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I take strong painkillers

Yes, i take Pramipexole one pill and Tramadol/Paracetamol 2 pills.

Thanks for sharing your experience with eliminating dairy from your diet. May I suggest that you try other foods as well.?

My experience with RLS symptoms is primarily caused by what I eat. High roughage foods (bananas, oats, beans, sometimes greasy meats) cause trapped gas. Avoiding these foods and getting exercise outside in the morning, when my body best absorbs the Vit D from the sun have eliminated my RLS symptoms. I sleep beautifully now. If I do get an RLS attack, I move the body around, twist at the waist, walk, perform a gas-releasing yoga position, drink water and then go to the toilet to release the gas or defecate. Other people have had similar positive results by changing their diet: see Canadian David Wimble’s site on avoiding inflammatory foods.: rlcure.com/

Thank you for the advise, i did see a dietician last week and she said i was eating a healthy diet and should not try eliminating any other foods at this stage.

However, i am intrigued and will investigate further!

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