Restless Legs Syndrome
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My name is restless legs

Reading Blokie and Raffs poems reminded me of a piece I wrote , i put it on here a couple of years ago but as we have many new members since then I thought some of you might like to read it

Hi my name is restless legs

I am invisible to others

They can't see me or hear me but your body feels me

I can keep you awake until you're exhausted

Remember when you had energy? In its place o have given you exhaustion

If you have something planned I can spoil it

If you are looking forward to something I can take that away from you

Yoi didn't ask for me but I choose you anyway

Maybe you have a family history of me or maybe kidney disease or Parkinsons?

Whatever the case I am here to stay

I can make an outing to the cinema or theatre pure hell

You want a long car ride, don't make me laugh!

Holidays ha ha I can spoil those before you even get there, I don't like travelling

Work -I can mess up that

You can pretend to others you have to keep getting up during a meeting or a meal because you keep needing the toilet or have to make a phone call but you can never fool me

You see it makes me laugh when you try to describe me to a non sufferer as I make it impossible

Yoi can buy whatever creams, lotions and potions you like as I am unbeatable

Your friends and family will listen until they get tired of hearing how I make you feel

Some will say things like 'oh its the cramp, your having a bad day, or 'well you're not getting any younger' but not hearing that you have had me for 30 years

They will say things like 'oh just stretch your legs and it will go away or just don't think about it'

Some will start talking about you behind your back while slowly you feel you are loosing your dignity trying to make them understand

You will be told'oh I know someone who had that and she took a paracetamol and she was fine

You might decide to up your game and see a doctor and I will grin as you try desperately to describe the impact o have on your life

The doctor will have no idea and put you on all sorts of medications

They might try you on sleeping tablets or antidepressants but they're no match for me

Sometimes they will give you meds that actually make me worse because I am sneaky

Are you too tired to exercise? That's me

Aching back and knees ? Yes thats me

Headache -my gift to you

Red , dry eyes 'I take the credit

Irritable ? Probably me

Sometimes I will lull you into a false sense of security and you will find a medicine that helps -your getting clever but not as clever as me

I will up my game , I will make you need to keep taking more and more

I will visit you earlier in the day, I will strike other parts of your body, your arms or neck or anywhere I please

When you come off these meds then you will realise just how evil I can be and you will need more and more drugs

Do not try to explain me or expect any understanding , or for people to understand how I impact on your life

The only place where you will get support ,help and understanding is from others who live with me they are the ONLY ones who will understand


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hi there that was wonderful well done and many thanks Alan xx


I remember when you posted this pipps, cant believe it was two years ago. Great poem. x


"You can pretend to others you have to keep getting up during a meeting or a meal because you keep needing the toilet or have to make a phone call but you can never fool me"

I have lost count of the number of times I had to 'get something' or needed to 'make a call' just so I could move my legs :(

I have been told its down to my thinking - I believe I have bad legs therefore I do, (I want kudos here for not ripping that person throat out with my teeth!!).

I think one of the most annoying things about it is how people don't treat this seriously yet it can have such a huge negative impact on your life.

Well said Pippins2


Hello Pippins

Your description of the RLS is amazing. I think you have to experience this to fully understand how much it effects our lifestyle.

I hope that you are coping and send a big (((hug))) to you right now.


This is great! Next time I visit my GP I will definitely take a copy. Best description of RLS I have ever read. Well done x


That is such a wonderful poem and only a sufferer could have written it, I have ( and still do) experienced everything you talked about in that poem. XX


Brilliantly written Pippins2. It describes RSL to a T.


Pipps This is so it - describes everything about it. Hope things are going reasonably ok with you and you get some rest. Sandy


Wow you've summed up this evil & cruel condition just perfectly... it certainly is somebody's idea of hell on earth, xx


Hi Dotty it's a while now since I wrote that but glad you appreciated it although sorry you understand it so well! X

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Your words hit every nerve in my Body, pardon the pun! In my low hours, I want everyone and his granny to know what it's like, how it drives you to distraction..... but then I get my reasonable head on again, and remember how very much worse off we could be! It certainly is multiplied times over if you are unwell in other ways too, which is just the time you need good sleep to help you get well..... as I said before, cruel!

But thank you for your kind and quick response, take care.... xx


Dottie do you take any meds to help you? X

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Oh bigger, just did a reply, took me ages, then deleted the bloomin thing! See where my nickname comes from???? Lol I'll post you tomorrow, my hands getting sore.... Dotty x


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