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RLS ? Magnesium



I am new to this forum. Just reading through your posts and i feel sympathy for all you.

I suffered from RLS since the age of 25 ( Am now 53). I saw a neuro doc about 16 years ago, who had me on Dopamine / levodopa. After reading about the side effects of the drugs, I stopped using them and decided to live with the condition. However a year on, I had some treatment done called N.O.T ( Neurological organisational technique). Nothing to be scared about and is quite relaxing and amusing. This helped me without any doubt and was almost free from RLS. However it made its return about 2 years later and i had another treatment of NOT. Again it relieved the symptoms, although I do experience it from time to time now, but very mildly in comparison. Since moving to the UK, I have struggled to find a good N.O.T therapist ( Kinesiologist).

I now suppress the RLS by taking a 500mg Magnesium capsule when I go to bed at night if I feel the tingling is on its way. Literally when I lay in bed and the symptoms start, I take a magnesium and within 5 mins I am sound asleep and have a good nights rest.

i am so pleased I got off the prescibed drugs and when listening to a TV programm last night, felt I had to share my experience.

I hope this may give some hope to others willing to try it.

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Thanks Jafta- yes, a lot of people find magnesium helps them. Which kind do you use?

Kinesiology was discussed here a while back- so if you search for it on this site , you can follow that up.



FSC ( food supplement company) available from our health shop. Magnesium 500mg.

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Yes- but there are many kinds- oxide , citrate , glycinate , threonate and more! I am very interested in which one is effective for you.

Look at the list of ingredients on back of bottle.



Ingredients: Magnesium Oxide, Vegetable capsule shell (Vegatable Cellolose), Microcrystalline Cellulose (Bulking Agent), Magnesium citrate Tri Basic, Magnesium Stearate ( Veg source- anti caking agent), vit B6 ( as Pyridoxine Hydrochloride), Silicon Dioxide (anti caking- agent).

Each capsule typically provides: % RI (Reference intake)

Vit B6 5mg 357%

Magnesium 500mg 133%

Hope this helps


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