Restless Legs Syndrome
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RLS and osteoporosis

I'm trying to respond to Aturtle but have lost you! Looking at your long list of medications I deduce that as well as RLS you have an underactive thyroid, heartburn

and reflux and diabetes. I have similar problems , and also 4 spinal fractures

causing considerable pain. Magnesium has been suggested by fellow sufferers, and

I found that using it in a spray and massaging my legs with it is very helpful. I have

also found that some antihistamines, such as 'sea legs' etc. can bring on an attack.

Hope this helps.

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Many RLS medications cause bone loss as do GERD medications, coffee, smoking, alcohol, meat, and dairy. Bones can be strengthened with Yoga for Osteoporosis, calcium supplements that include Vitamins K2 and D3 along with magnesium. Google "prunes and osteoporosis."


I told my doctor that I had read that omeprazol can cause osteoporosis. He

agreed but said that it was the lesser of two evils. Heartburn, reflux etc need to

be treated, but many people with osteoporosis are unaware that they have it

until they fall over and fracture a bone. It seems that I am one of the unlucky

ones because as well as 4 spinal fractures my spine is compressed and my stomach bulges forward, completely changing my body shape. I have had two

operations and injections for pain relief, but am still in considerable pain.


That does sound unlucky. I was on meds that cause osteoporosis but doctors never warned me. When my wife developed GERD her doc would only allow her two weeks on Omeprazole. In meantime he had her go vegan -- no dairy, meat, including fish and fowl. That took care of the problem. Google vitamin K2. That appears to be the missing link in preventing osteoporosis. Best of luck.


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