I have found a game changer regarding restless legs and health in general. It goes back to ancient Chinese remedy.Acupuncture you can go to the web and look for ACUPOINTS for restless legs you will be given a point on your body to press for a minute it is a bit soar that is how you know you are in the right place when you feel the tenderness. It is a game changer. There is also an app you can download for all ailments to do with your body hope this helps.

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  • Acupuncture works for some people but not all.

    In the Cochrane Review , Acupuncture is no more effective than Placebo as a treatment for anything.

    You makes yer choices and spends yer money!!😆

  • I wonder would that have anything to do with the fact that acupressure points are free. No doctors or medicines to be bought they could hardly recommend that

  • The Cochrane Review is a non tied body which collates all research that is scientifically bona fide and correctly documented, peer reviewed and blinded and placeboed. They don't recommend any thing - just say it as it is! Not always what we want to hear- unfortunately.

    That's not to downgrade the effectiveness of placebo. I have always been very strong on that.


  • I have tried acupuncture in the past and it never did anything for my RLS.

  • Glad something so simple works for you. I tried it many years ago- I went to the acupuncture Centre in Camden Town , London where top specialists from China visit. They told me that acupuncture wouldn't work for RLS as it is caused by an imbalance in the brain. They sold me some very expensive, very foul tasting herbal tea instead.

    I have since also tried the acupressure points you mention with a "pain gone" pen bought from Boots the Chemists and that doesn't do anything for me either. I think if it works for you, then great, but it doesn't work for me.

  • I tried their herbal tea for osteoarthritis. After one week of the disgusting brew decided I would rather die than continue. Also people in my village were asking where the foul smell was coming from. So I don't know if it works, really.

  • I too also tried Acupuncture . After a number of sessions the acupuncturist and myself decided it was not relieving my RLS so ceased the treatment.

  • Keep that placebo effect going! I experienced the same thing for a different ailment years ago and when it quit working I did some research on the history of acupuncture. The current practice of acupuncture is not an ancient Chinese remedy. Ancient Chinese physicians--and even modern western doctors a little over a hundred years ago--poked and prodded with needle and lances of various kinds. This was mostly for bloodletting purposes, a standard treatment of the times. The bodies energy meridians was a much later development that was not based on science or experiment, but was an analogy to the Yellow River in China and the way its sources and tributaries branched of the main River. Chairman Mao during the cultural revolution's attempt to distance itself from the bourgeois ways of the west made claims for traditional Chinese medicine that led to modern, but unscientific medicine. Practitioners of acupuncture, yoga, and other alternative forms of medicine like to support their claims with how ancient their practice is, and therefore must be true and effective.If that were so we should be using astrology to guide our decisions and foreign policies since it is older that both.

  • I really do not care what the history of the system is if it works why not use it. It works a treat for me but then again i really do not try to find out why it should not work because of Ancient history

  • I agree. As I mentioned, acupuncture worked for me until it didn't work. That's called the placebo effect, a very powerful effect of the mind on the body. I'm all for it.

  • I use the point a palm width below the knee cap on the side of the leg just before getting into bed i do both legs at the same time I find it wonderful. I used to take Nuerontin at bedtime but after a while you cannot remember your own name

  • I know you can all think what you like but I know kinesiology helps me , that is another pressure point thing

  • What is kinesiology? I will do anything if it would work for me. Just started a new drug for me, Neurontin. I cannot sleep. So many years of this. Wish I could find answer for myself. Thank you for any answer I can get.

  • If you use the search button and type in kinesiology you wll see a past posting on this subject.

  • There are

    acupoints behind your kneecap at the back of your leg or go to point finder on the web it works

  • Exactly if it works what is the problem

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