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I have just diagnosed me with a sort of RLS. It is not as bad as some of you but I am a poor sleeper anyway so it doesn't help. It feels like my legs are sometimes filling with heaviness and I try not to move but can't help myself!  It is the weirdest feeling in the world.  Sometimes I feel it affects my breathing.  I'm not sure whether it is psychosomatic or not.  I did find if I woke up in the night and had to walk around if I took a pain killer it would help. But no more.  It happens when I relaxin the evening and when I am on a long journey in the car.   I was reading about the biglycerate and was thinking I would try it but unsure of what to buy. On the forum I can see there is iron biglycerate and magnesium.  If this has worked on you I wonder if you can help me with which one.  Also I heard apple cider vinegar can help.  Any thoughts.   Thanks 

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Hi Deevee, both are worth a try.  I take one 25mg capsule of iron bisglycinate away from all other supplements and meds and on an empty stomach DURING an attack or right before bed.  If it works for you talk to your doc about it after about a week.  Some people need to take two.  I do not ever need to take more than one.  Are you avoiding all of the substances known to trigger or make RLS worse than it has to be such as antidepressants, antacids, antihistamines, statins, metformin, sugar substitutes, calcium channel blockers, even a large meal in the evening?

Deevee in reply to Hidden

I do take amtihistammines occasionally and also I'm supposed to take station but am not compliant with them. I am going to,write a diary if I can remember.  I was on a five hour journey on a plane yesterday when it happened and I had had anything you mentioned above.  It felt like a heavy feeling in my thighs going down to my feet that needed to start tap,dancing! 

Loisann61 in reply to Hidden

I didn't realize an antidepressant was bad for rls.  It makes sense now, i couldnt figure out why my rls attacks have lessened until i read this.  I quite taking my paroxotene about a month ago.

Hi Deeveesorry you are having probs, have you got rls or something else ,don't you think you should see the doc first to find out what you have ,I wouldn't start taking things yourself until you know what it is you have, it sounds as if you are going to take something and don't know what for ,if you can't get your breath iron nor magnesium will help x

Deevee in reply to beady3

I have spoken to the doctor who didn't actually comment so I'm alone 

beady3 in reply to Deevee

Deevee please don't let them put you of  because if you have a prob they should sort it ,if that doc doesn't know go to  another ,the prob will never sort itself only get worse x

Deevee in reply to beady3

Thanks I have mentioned it to two doctors and was dismissed sort off.  Admittedly it was a scondary item i mentioned.  Perhaps I should go with it as a main item

Have you tried compression stockings??

Works great for me and many other RLS sufferes.

Just a suggestion if you haven't tried it.

Deevee in reply to Drwass2

Hadn't thought of that.  May be just for travelling?

I have read a great many of the posts on the sites relevant to my-self and the things which stand out to me is the fact that only part of the problems are voiced to the attending physician. Maybe this is due to the time element?If the Dr is not listening however that is another matter.I my self approach this problem by asking have you ever experienced such and such?also how qualified on this subject are you!and where did you train? The problem is they are so used to being on a pedestal and being virtually unchallenged.

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