Never have found a medicine that helps everynight. Last night was a terrible night. My rls usually starts about this time everynight. (7:30) I can't sit and read, watch television, because my legs, and now my arms, won't quit moving. I have had this since my teens, and I am 71 now.

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  • My heart goes out to you.

    I was just today, trying to explain to a Dr, (unsuccessfully) about RLS. The Drs know so little its an insult. I had my Iron tested again despite having had this blight my whole life and countless bad nights and good readings on Iron, but it makes the Drs happy to say they've checked it...again!

    I'd love to say I'd found one drug that worked but through a mix of a variety I get more good nights than bad.

    If you haven't come across it research Kratom, it was literally a life-saving drug for me as I was in an awful bad way.

    Good luck.

  • I want to second Raff's comment on Kratom. It has been a life-saving plant for me.

  • Is this Kratom Legal! I drive for a living! They do ramdom drug testing.

  • It's legal in most places, but has been outlawed in a few: Germany, Australia, Ireland and a few states and a few more countries. You can look it up on the internet.

  • Thanks so much. Will talk to my Dr.

  • I completely agree - - ! My situation is very similar. I have also had it since my teens - I am almost 69. For me, last night was, in fact, good. However, the previous night we went to a concert, and I had to spend the whole time walking around at the back by the door, completely ruining it.

    If I am at home, I do find that laying on the floor on my stomach, and then waving my feet about in the air helps a lot. Difficult at a concert! (Or on a plane, train, bus, at the cinema theatre etc, etc!)

  • What time is your last meal?

  • Around 6

  • Try having something light before sleep

  • Just wondering if you have tried one Tramadol 50mg capsule. It is now a controlled drug so you will have to convince your doctor to prescribe it!!

    I also take one 50mg Ropinirole tablet and with this combination has resulted in very sound sleep!!.

    I am also 70 and just hope that the above meds work forever!!!!!!!!

  • I know absolutely what you are experiencing. I am 73 and have had rls since my early forties. I have had many a night where I couldn't sleep and have paced the floor. I often have found that rocking in a rocking chair has helped. Besides Horizant which have been on for about a month, I take Percocet which gives me the relief I need. I take a 5 mg. pill every night which I cut in half. You may need a stronger does, but the pain meds do help from what I hear from others. I would get your doctor to prescribe this for you. Good luck and God Bless

  • Thank you so much. Does the horizant effect your memory?

  • So far havent seen a problem. But then I am 73 and experiencing slight memory problems due to the aging process I feel.

  • I have severe RLS, only medication that works for me is Pramipexole. I tried Tramadol and other painkillers but they have no effect on me. I take my Pramipexole (highest dose) 2 hours before bedtime (can not take them during the day as they give drowsiness). Ofcourse as Altair says certain things such as going to the cinema are things of the past as no way i can sit still for so long.

  • Tease - ah I was wondering what dose of Pramipexole you are taking as the daily as the recommended daily dose has been lowered to .25mg or 0.088.

  • I am taking 5 tablets of 0,088mg, I am aware that the new recommended dose is lower but as long as the doctor has no alternative i stay on this dose. I finally have a normal life.

  • Why don't you try taking your meds an hr before the RLS kicks in. I put myself on a schedule and at times forget I even have this problem. I take TRAMADOL which works wonders for me, my dosage is very low, I take one 50 mg tab at 5:30 pm and a second one at 11:30, that gives me plenty of time for the med to kick in before the RLS does. Good luck, the trick is to be a step ahead of the problem.

  • Indian tonic water has quinnene in it and it helps me for a while before I take ropinorole from doctors . a large glass with a squeeze of lemon if you don't like taste of tonic water. good luck.

  • Nowadays, the amount of Quinine in tonic water is less than it used to be, but perhaps it does help you..? I agree with taking medication at the same time, early in the evening to catch the RLS before it starts. I take my Pramipexole and Targinact at 7pm and the at 9pm. I soon realise if I haven't taken it as the restlessness starts and its harder to combat.

  • have you tried carming your self down like medtation it may help carm down your mid and body movmets.

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