Hi I have had success with my rls and would like to help anyone out there who is suffering I know it can be hell . I searched the web some time ago and found a doctor who specialised in drug free treatment. He is based in Colchester difficult to get there but he is well qualified and worth the time and effort if you like me went through hell with rls it consists of finding the nerve triggers in the body and some kind of positional release too complicated for an amateur like me to describe properly also electro acupuncture I am not cured but much much better . I also use a tens machine and do exercises it is wonderful to be able to sleep and I do hope this post can help suffers


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  • What area of the body do use the tens machine on please....and when do you use it? thank you

  • Tens machine

  • Connect the electrode clips to each ear

  • See my new post

  • Thanks for that - I always wondered what the cause was & funnily enough often feel like I want to stick knives or electrodes or something to... not sure, ... just makes me want to do it- don’t lock me up!!

  • Hi I use the tens machine every other day for 30 mins connect two electrode pads to the knee( each knee that is ) between the two bony bits and two electrode clips -you will have to buy these separate and set the frequency to 2cycles and pulse width to 100 and increase the intensity gradually til you can feel the pulsation but not uncomfortable sit back and relax the next day do exercises you will find these in the web. Good luck


  • Tens machine

  • Sorry should have said connect the electrode clips to each ear

  • I presume this would be Dr Monk, who has the website therestlesslegsclininc.co.uk. I've used Dr Theo Peters in Littlehampton for the same thing if that is nearer to anyone. He told me he trained Dr Monk. I've improved a lot in past few months, but unfortunately have no idea if this is down to this therapy, changes in diet to restrict sugar, alcohol, caffeine, or the changes in drugs I've had. It can't do any harm and I would recommend giving it a try if you live in the area.

  • Hi Adge,

    I have small fibre neuropathy. Very similar symptoms to yours. Does this man also help with this. Could you please send me his phone number and email details please?

    Thank you.


  • Helen

    If you are interested in details about Dr Monk here is the link to his website that gives you contact details, should you wish to do so. This is of course private treatment and from a previous posting about Dr Monk, you would more than likely have to attend a few times.


    If you would like Dr Theo Peters details you can easily do a google search.

  • Hi Helen,

    No idea re your condition, but worth contacting him to find out. You can find all is details at drtwpetersmd.co.uk/



  • I tried a Tens machine but it immediately worsened the RLS, in fact I ripped it off straight away and had to stalk around the room for several minutes until it calmed a bit. It may suit you though. Good luck.

  • I had similar result using the revitive foot stimulation machine. Yet again, what works well for someone with RLS doesn’t necessarily help others.

  • Sorry to hear that it did not work for you. I bought a model recommended by my doctor and connected it as recommended. Two electrode pads were connected to my knees they were a stick on type of electrode similar to ones used in ecg clinics and two clip on electrodes were connected to the ear lobes. The pulse was set at 2 cycles and the pulse width to 100. The timer was set at 30 mins. And the intensity set until you could feel the pulsating current but not painful. I don't use it every day but it works for me.

  • Are you talking about " cranial electrotherapy stimulation" or a regular TENS machine?

  • Are referring to a TENS machine or a "cranial electrotherapy stimulation" device?

  • It a tens machine recommended by my doctor cost in UK approx. £35

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