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Hi:. I'm new to this site. My husband suffers terribly with Rls. It's not fun for the partner either. He's been on all the meds mentioned in every post but is not on any pain medication now. He sleeps fitful and manages only three or four hours of sleep per night. This worsens his quality of life! I'm wondering if anyone has tried this relaxis pad suggested by Article put out by Southern California RLS Support Group. My husband was diagnosed with RLS 30. + years ago. Recently symptoma are getting worse so am trying everything to relieve his worsening symptoms. He has a terrible time in the car which makes traveling very hard on both of us. Any suggestions would. E helpful. Saw doctor last week and she put him on melatonin for sleep but doesn't seem to help. He also sleeps with Cpap machine. Concerned partner!

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  • There are a few posts and comments on here on the Relaxis Pad. Use the search box to find them. Type Relaxis Pad and see what comes up.

  • Went to search on this site and nothing came up on the relaxes pad. What am i doing wrong😢 Judy w

  • Try again Judy, make sure you are typing it with correct spelling I just tried it and loads of post and comments appear. If it doesnt work for you i will try to copy and post some for you. Or someone will.

  • Judy, as Elisse says, if you use the 'Search Restless Legs Syndrome' box at the top of the screen and type in 'Relaxis Pad' quite a few postings on this subject come up for you to read.

  • Thanks for your help. I finally found the posts on relaxis. Not sure it helped but may try the 30 day trial and see if it makes a difference. Thanks again. Judywalker41

  • Hi Judy,

    Pleased you found some information from the past postings on the Relaxis Pad. No harm in making use of the 30 day trial and see if your husband gets on with it. I am sorry to hear his symptoms are worsening, which unfortunately can happen and as you say, it is hard on you too.

    If you have time, please let us know if your husband found the Relaxis Pad any help or not.

  • Yes- it took about four attempts for me to get the correct results. Must be some glitch in the works.😞

  • Is he on any other trigger substances for him to be getting such bad reactions. I'd be very surprised that he wouldn't get results from something. Make sure whatever you use gets a good chance to act and for you/ him to get used to the side effects.

    Good luck.

  • He is on gabapentin and require 3, 1 mg tablets a day. Magnesium and vitamins D and B12. Also started melatonin 2, 3 mg tab at night for sleep. Doctor just suggested that and if it doesn't work she wrote an rx for something stronger. He's been on requip for years and was up to 8 tabs a day but went through weaning a few years ago and now only on 3

  • That's requip. Or ropinirole. Spell check changed it to require! Sigh😒

  • Grand- but I'm missing something- you say in original post that he's on no pain med- but in last comment I understand he's on Requip and Gabapentin- ???

    If he is taking magnesium along with gaba -"that will interfere with its absorption - so he should take them a few hours apart.

    If he's been on the Requip for a long time it's possible he is suffering augmentation - (another term for you to search!)

    Depending on what the dr has scripped you for - you might consider weaning off the Requip totally and concentrating on the gaba upto max about 900 mg per day- or look at Horizant.

    Otherwise you're looking at something like Tramadol for effective longterm relief.

    Oxycodone 5mg would give relief for car/ plane journeys for about 5 or 6 hours.

    Hope you get some peace.

  • Judy, if you would like to know more about augmentation see here: and here:

  • Does he take any supplements ;magnesium,potassium,calcium,vitamin D3?If he is deficient in any of these,it could affect his sleep.I took Clonazepam for several years for RLS .It definitely worked for me and totally took care of my insomnia and had no side effects.But when I moved from Tennessee to Florida and had to get a new doctor,they felt I didn't need it.But who knows your body better than yourself.I haven't slept as good since then.I've been researching passionflower as well as ashwaghanda which both seem very promising .Magnesium gel rubbed on arms and legs before bedtime,a hot bath with epsom salts,baking soda,and lavender before bedtime,and lavender essential oil massaged onto the bottoms of your feet(with or without socks) at bedtime can and does help a lot of people.I use the oil every night.Has he tried Neurontin(gabapentin) ?RLS is one stubborn ailment to treat because doctors can't seem to find the root cause,but I know it came from hell.

  • Clonazepam can be addicting but works for me. However, I only take 1/4 to 1/2 mg at bed time with about 1 mg melatonin. And I take a drug holiday 2 days a week to prevent tolerance. Previously I did OK on gabapentin at bedtime, but it stopped working. Pharmacist had me taper off and start clonazepam, then try gabapentin again in 3-6 months. Relaxis Pad relieves my symptoms but I can't get back to sleep using it. Restific wrap did not provide any relief.

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