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20June reporting in about the Relaxis pad.It seems to be hit and miss so far.A couple of days have been without RLS and then it came back and had to resort to medication and also the pad.How-ever the duration before relief was obtained was less.An interesting note -the worst onslaught was when the Maine Coon brought a chipmunk into the house.I can only conclude the anxiety it engendered ratcheted up the RLS.My neurologist was very interested to hear of my progress .

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  • Normally , Retren , you make sense. I have no idea how to respond to this post - except to wonder if you overmedicated a bit? 🐕🐹 --( sorry about the limited emojis.!)

    Keep up the research!

  • MadlegsSorry if I did not make myself clear.The reference to Maine Coon was about my sons enormous cat which is a Maine Coon.He brought a chipmunk into the house and it wound up in my me considerable agitation.Still not located it unfortunately.Chipmunks are somewhat bigger than mice or Guinea pigs.

  • Just messing!😎

  • I have the pad, do you use it at the first twinge? If I am at rest on the couch, as soon as I get a warning shot, I get it at once. Good luck, keep trying the pad

  • Valerie Dee 21 June yes I do use it at first sign,in fact doing so now.It seems to have different rates of success each use.To day is more positive thank goodness.Also thank you for your post.

  • I am somewhat new to the Relaxis pad myself...just over one month. But success has not been good. I have just completed a month of vein work on my legs to eliminate vein reflux, and my nerves are on edge. So, it's a mixed bag with me. How long have you been using the Pad, Retren?

  • Super M new 22 June have been using it now for 2weeks starting week3It is a very mixed effect.Acouple of days have gone without an attack,then seems to have a boomerang reaction .Sometimes less period of horror sometimes much more prolonged.I understand that it requires at least a month to get discernible improvement.At least we are doing something.A few times I have been able to dispense with medication I have had to resort to a combination a number of times including the Neupro patches these are effective but cause edema and leave me with bright red patches of very itchy areas.Don,t know if it,s the medication itself or the patch.It,s a constant battle against something.Hope you find this helpful if not gloomy.

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