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Hi, does anyone know what anti nausea meds won't affect Restless Legs?? .. I currently have Cyclizine, but it's always been hell on my legs, now it's not even worth travelling on them as its too unbearable to have RLS in a car, coach or plane .. At the same time I can't travel without any anti nausea meds ... Drs tomorrow, was hoping to give them an idea ... I have other things researched - just no alternative med for sickness

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  • Domperidone is considered a safe anti nausea med and is available in the UK x

  • Thank you :)

  • Hi senileandinsane, I am using Cinnarizine tablets and I wear the travel wristbands, both available over the counter at Boots. Works fine for me :)

  • I tried over the counter meds for it, but they never worked - it's quite severe travel sickness that also end up as anxiety, thanks anyway

  • Zofran is a prescription anti nausea med that does not exacerbate RLS. It is the only prescription one that does not. All the other prescription ones like Compazine, Phergan, etc will make most of us with RLS much worse. Zofran used to be only for chemo patients, but they have changed that in the US and the UK. We do not have Domperidone in the US, so cannot speak to that one, but Pippins knows what she is talking about, :)

  • Thanks for letting me know, when I can get my dr to change these meds I will ask for one of the 2 named, thank you

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