Restless Legs Syndrome
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I think I know what caused my RLS - Stemetil/Anti sickness meds/Metoclopramide Hydrochloride

I was treated for sickness before my RLS started. I didn't experience anything that I recognised as RLS then, though it started soon after. However, a week ago, I was prescribed Metoclopramide and went into full blown RLS symptoms right away.

I've found this link.

It suggests it causes RLS.

Can any of you recall receiving anti-nausea meds prior to the onset of RLS?

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It is very common for anti nausea meds to make RLS worse or even cause RLS. Zofran is the one universal safe one for us tot ake. The bad ones are on the "list to avoid". And, we usually do get our point across without the language.


Sorry you are in distress but there are other words you could use to describe how you feel without using bad language,



Swearing is against our forum rules. Please refrain from swearing when posting.

Your bad language has been deleted.

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DRestless I am sorry you are having a bad time ,I can see that you only joined today but your comments will not be allowed and admin will delete it because of the swearing so you would be better off editing it


Hi Pippins, we posted at the same time.


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