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Anti Nausea advice


I’m having surgery on the 14th of May and was wondering what anti nausea medication can I be given to stop me vomiting after general anaesthetic?

Also is there a document of medications that make rls worse that I could print off and take to my pre op assessment? Otherwise I’m going g to have to print off screenshots from the rls uk website.

Thank you

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Is that this site


I would have thought it would be printable.

Even if you cut and paste onto a document software??

Jacbar in reply to Madlegs1

I can do that no problem. Just thought it would look more professional if it was a proper document.


Ask for zofran as your anti-nausea med as it wont set your legs off .

Jacbar in reply to Hidden

I will write a note of this. Thanks

The newer anesthetics aren’t as bad as the older ones but if you tell the anesthesia folks, they will give you Zofran

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