Dr Mosley's advice UK television

I've just watched this programme in UK TV and for those of us outside UK I thought I'd outline his advice on getting a good nights sleep.

Eat high fibre foods during day time i.e. Lentils/chickpeas:butter beans etc:bananas/onions - they feed good bacteria in our gut

Take a prebiotic 1 hour before going to bed / it feeds the good bacteria in our gut!

No electronic devices on bedroom. Cease using any social media 1 hr before going to bed

Go to bed around 9.00 pm but get up early and go outside to get benefit of morning light.

Bedroom 17 degrees

Hope that helps.

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  • Hi,

    Just watched that too. Great tips.

    Not too sure about chickpeas as it triggers my Rls but I already start looking for prebiotic:)

    It was interesting indeed.

    B x

  • Me too.

  • Just checking with a doctor friend about which brand is best to buy. Do you know which one you going for?

  • I would be very grateful if you could post her advice on which one.x

  • I didnt watch it but saw him on in the morning explaining the programme. Not sure how it will help people with RLS. more for people who cant sleep for different reasons. But, do what ever you think will work for you.

  • Good tips in general for good 'sleep hygiene". RLS sometimes will not care, but it cannot hurt, that is for sure. It is good to try and have a routine, as long as the RLS will stay in the background. :)

  • I watched that programme too...fell asleep right after for 2 hours. I can't seem to get past that 2 hour mark...so I might have to try some of the suggestions.

  • Me too. RLS bubbling just under the surface!

  • Good tips for sleeping, but RLS? If Only!

  • Thanks for the info. I'm determines the BBC won't get a TV licence out of me!

  • Pity RLS was not mentioned - - -

  • Yes. It would have been great.

  • I suffer massively from RLS induced insomnia even though my urge-to-move symptoms are relatively under control but I'm not sure that insomnia associated with RLS responds to the same factors as 'normal' insomnia.

    Thanks for the post though - very interesting and I might try some of the suggestions. I think the fodmap brigade will take issue with the onions though!

    Did the programme mention any of the alternative medicines which are sometimes suggested for insomnia e.g. Phosphatydilserine (which is supposed to help suppress the production of cortisol in the evening), L theanine and lemon balm (supposed to promote relaxation) or even magnesium?

  • Only problem with prebiotics is that you need to make sure you don't have bad bacteria in your gut first. Best to take a PRObiotic to establish good bacteria and THEN introduce prebiotics. Otherwise, the prebiotics increase IBS type symptoms. Good book on this topic is GUT by Giulia Enders.

    Not sure this regime will work for those of us with RLS. I have no problem falling asleep, only problem is the RLS waking me up. I don't think sleep hygiene will work as well for us but anything is worth a try!!

  • Thanks. That makes sense.

  • Except of course if you have RLS....which will ignore all those well meaning nuggets of advice and keep you up all night pacing the floor!

  • You are completely right, flower-girl. Once RLS has it's own routine down, no matter how hard we fight, the list of good sleep hygiene will do nothing if it is a bad RLS night, In fact, people try and do all the good things that they read, try to implement all of these little tricks for good sleep. But when RLS is involved, I know people who do all the right things all of the time, and they feel like they have FAILED at something. I had a sleep doctor make me feel guilty ONCE, and he did not do it any more. :)

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