Anyone tried medical cannabis for their RLS?

Hi all,

Have been vaporizing street cannabis for the last week. Been very effective, however I know at the back of my mind that using the same strain over and over will eventually have less of an effect. Wondering if anyone has experience with medical cannabis, and whether or not it's possible to alternate between different strains to effectively treat RLS.

I understand that most people on here are living in UK where medical cannabis isn't legal (correct me if I'm wrong), but this forum is far and away the best one out there for RLS knowledge, so I'm hoping somebody can help me.


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  • I have tried both medical marijuana and street marijuana and both work very well. Only problem is I became hooked on the street version so I don't recommend it.

  • Thanks for sharing hoffie.

    Where I live, medical cannabis won't be available for another 9 months, so I'll have to make do with regular street stuff for now.

    Out of curiosity, what was the variety like at the medical dispensary? Were there lots of different strains to choose from?

  • Someone gave me the medical marijuana. Medical type is legal in my state but I have not yet approached my doctor about it. Truth be told, the street version works much better, but it is illegal.

  • You should talk to your doctor about it. I'd expect the dispensary to have some variety. Could be a few strains that work better then street stuff and are cheaper.

  • Sorry but that post doesn't make sense. IF you are comparing cannabis plant material to cannabinoid extracts ie CBD oil then yes there is a difference but if you are talking about plant matter its the same.

    You may need to clarify what you are talking about!

  • Woah I don't know much about cannabis and you've just pointed it out. I'm not really compared anything just wondering if someone with RLS has tried lots of different strains such as og kush, purple kush, northern lights etc. Can you explain exactly what you mean just so I can be more clear in the future

  • Medical, home grown and street cannabis are all the same it is the one plant and one is not more addictive than the other.

    The only differences are that adulterants can be used to bulk street cannabis but that isn't even very common. Street hash can have little cannabinoids in it and can be mostly pure sh1te, (bits of crap and plant matter to bulk up but not that it is addictive I mean inert matter is not addictive!).

  • So what would be the difference between like purple kush, northern lights and/or bluenote etc. All from the same plant I'm guessing but have different effects

  • It depends on a number of factors - Who is taking it, why they are taking it, where they are taking it, the strain of the plant and how long it was grown.

    There are those that wax lyrical about certain effects - to me it was a case of it eased the suffering or it didn't. I would have found no huge difference in strains really. I only took as much as eased things and that usually allowed me to go and work so didn't notice a huge stoning effect tbh. I would find at times, I would get a bit anxious which was down to getting stronger strains and taking too much.

    There are plenty of sites out there where its discussed, well worth a visiting a couple of them lurk about and see what's what.

  • Ok good to know mate, thanks for that. I'm thinking about doing it in the daytime because currently going through requip withdrawal. Being stoned at work isn't an issue because I have a fairly high tolerance level and red eyes can easily be dealt with. Just a matter of using a safe amount each day to prologue the days/weeks/months/ that it will still be effective. I'm sure you already know all about that. I intend on starting sifrol extended release beginning tomorrow. If you have tried that please let me know what you thought of it.

  • Be very careful with the Sifrol, I was on that and it really messed with my thinking.

    Read the leaflet carefully and if you have some one that knows you very well have them keep an eye on you for any changes!

    People have been known to spend their savings shopping or gambling while taking it.

    AND make sure and familiarise yourself with Augmentation, (search in the search function here and you will get all the info you need).

  • Yes I will be very careful with that. If I can feel myself heading in the wrong direction, I will slowly ease off sifrol and go back to cannabis. I would prefer to smoke it twice a day, but very scared that it will stop working before I can obtain different strains medically. Hey just wondering, have you ever tried the low fodmap diet. Looks really hard but I suppose the harder you try to overcome rls the better results you will achieve. I'm interested in starting it next week and would like your thoughts on it.

  • I have tried a similar diet basically eating salad with chicken/steak and fruit. I definitely felt better but cannot remember if it helped my legs.

  • Yeah ok. The one I'm doing is pretty strict. Here's the link:

    Not really expecting to cure my RLS with this, just trying to find out what foods I can and can't eat. Supposed to take 12 weeks tho which is gonna be tough going.

  • It will be if you think it! Keep telling yourself its only 12 weeks they will pass quickly. Plan your meals to make it easier especially if you are going to be away from home and be strict any slacking normally leads to more and more slacking in my experience.

    Good luck with it.

  • Just to ask why you are coming off of Requip. If its because of augmentation then changing to Sifrol ER will just carry on with the augmentation.

  • Yes it was very expensive and not working at all. I've decided to screw the useless prescribed drugs and grow a bit of cannabis instead. I have been reading a book on the whole process and it has been very helpful. Will take my time and only start growing once I know what I'm doing. Definitely a risk worth taking for me, maybe one for you and other RLS sufferers.

  • Hi backtobasics if you go on line and put in lotus extracts you might find some things on there to look at it's in Thailand and Gonde is the guys name he makes all sorts of herbal meds he has vap and tab form for all sorts of things or go on his face book page he gathers different herbs and spices quite knowledgeable cheers

  • You've tried it for RLS? It works?

    Don't seem interested in trying something like that until I know people have successfully trialled it

  • Its very strain dependant - some will work brilliantly and some will barely work, if at all.

    It's trial and error but when you find a couple alternate between them.

  • Thanks for sharing. Have you tried many?

  • A few! High THC ones seem to work better than high CBD ones in my experience.

    Sensi Star was a good one

  • Ok cool thanks. Are you still using it?

  • No unfortunately I cannot source it and as such my quality of life has taken a turn for the worse.

    Why can I get dangerous addictive drugs like Oxycontin and Mirapexin which 'manage' the symptoms but cannot take cannabis which is safer by miles and miles and is removes the symptoms?

    The government make too much money keeping cannabis illegal they dont give a flying f**k that people are suffering! Big Pharma continue to get their cut, and the politicians can wage the 'war on drugs' to remove our liberties ensuring their re-election. Time we started using our votes better.

    I hope when my kids are up I can head off to a country where I can use cannabis and live a life again!

  • Yep I completely agree with that. I remember I had a pretty bad back injury and my doctor prescribed me morphine. I was 19 and he gave me the keys to bloody morphine! Well maybe it's time to move to the US where it is legal recreationally. I'm still at uni but when I finish I aim to move to whichever of the 4 states that it's legal. Don't know how I'll make such a big life change but I suppose it's one for my health

  • Brilliant go for it, at the end of the day if nothing else it will be an experience.

  • On a side note, I heard this was approved in U.K. Does anyone know when it will be available?

  • CBD oil was made legal in the UK in 2015, and there were a few places you could buy online (I got mine from Amazon!)

    In Dec 2016 the government made it illegal as they realised it actually cured many cancers and illnesses. They are now creating their own CBD and will release it via prescription. Not sure when.

  • You can still get CBD oil from a website called Medipen. I tried it for a while but it did nothing to help my RLS. Medipen also has a facebook group and that is helpful to read comments.

  • Pretty sure cbd oil is low in THC. You need 10-20% thc content to control RLS. Atleast in my experience

  • CBD oil has no THC in it, which is why its been allowed to be legally sold in the UK. Or i should say the CBD oil thats allowed to be sold here has no THC in it.

  • Try the full plant Elisse, (if you can), VERY big difference between that and the CBD oil.

  • I am sure there is, but got no chance.

  • Pity, at least things are moving towards legalisation for medicinal use on both sides of the border in Ireland, although for me it couldn't come fast enough.

  • Maybe i should embrace my mother's place of birth and move to Ireland, Southern Ireland.

  • If you live somewhere warm I'd say no, failing that either side of the border is pretty good but the NHS in the north pips it for me. Mind you if cannabis is legalised in the south I'd move. Would be an easy decision

  • I live on the south coast in the UK. probably warmer to stay put.

  • No probably in it!!

    I personally think the weather people are biased towards the south of England, they always put the better weather there 😀

  • Certainly know in Scotland cbd oil is legal

  • And in Ireland - see my reply to a previous post.

  • Hey, i smoke weed all the time and I have never felt any connection whatsoever. Good luck with this BS. Maybe you'll find someone that'll take you seriously...

  • Connection?

  • Don't understand what you are saying

  • Explain jorgesvoice..

  • I'm in London and my Neuro has issued me a private prescription for Sativex (Medical marijuana) but I have to purchase quantity of 3 from every pharmacy I have tried which is approx £600. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get Quantity 1 as per my prescription?

  • There is a video online somewhere where they made a cannabis extract - full cannabinoids, (85 as opposed to the 1 in CBD oil) for about $5 for a months supply. Sativex costs the NHS £125, no wonder GW Pharma and their buddies in the UK & US govts. don't want it legal!!!.

    A nice article on Sativex here:

  • Hey raffs you ever thought of growing your own stuff. My brother has done it in the past. He bought a few seeds online using one of those temporary credit cards you get from the supermarkets. He said as long as the company ships via USPS or Fedex, you should be fine. And if you only buy a couple then the worst case scenario (atleast where I live) is a $200 fine. The regular street cannabis is starting to lose its effectiveness on me, so I can either suffer or take a risk.

  • The problem with where I live is if the cops don't get you the vigilantes will, and bad and all that my legs are I prefer my kneecaps where they are! In the rural area I live in out of touch sanctimonious judges are quite happy to send people down for possession of personal amounts, so the f**kers would dance all over a grow bust and I couldn't face time, (although I'd likely be able to get all the cannabis I want inside!).

    I have thought about it, on numerous occasions but I cannot find the space to grow at home that my kids or their friends wouldn't stumble over. I am not fit to trek into the countryside to try a 'gorilla' grow.

    In saying that i am having a lot of problems with neuropathic pain and am very tempted to try, I keep telling myself if I'm caught it will give an opportunity to highlight our plight but as said the thought of jail is too much, (I have far too nice a body for those showers :) ), and imagine my family would suffer if I was discovered as a 'junkie' - that is unfortunately the way many around me think of cannabis users :(

    I appreciate the thought though, thanks.

  • Yes it's definitely a risk. But I'm sure if you were really committed to it you could find a way to minimise the risks. I live about 5 minutes from the beach. There are sand dunes and behind those about 2km of thick vegetation. I can drive down to the best spot, walk through the bushes (hopefully avoid snake bites) and find a spot to place a pot plant ready for growing. There are local neighbourhood watch groups where I live, so I definitely know how frustrating it could be.

  • Fair play to you, long may it last!

  • Even handier for Raffs as St. Patrick banished all saints from Ireland long ago.

    My understanding is that the most effective strains of cannabis for RLS contain both THC and CBD. They don't need to be particularly high in THC and they do need some CBD. Purple notes and Northern Lights are both strains that are quite high in THC but don't contain much CBD. is your friend here. Of course there are variations even within the individual plant, let alone the strain but as a general guideline that may be worth taking into consideration ...

    However if you are using it to assist with the appalling symptoms coming off a dopamine agonist I would imagine you will need a lot of THC. Just monitor carefully for depression/psychosis as I understand high THC can induce these, particularly if there is no CBD which has a damping effect.

  • Yes I have read something about this before, cheers for sharing that. I've found a seed bank which has great variety and many people living in my country swear by. The hard part is I need to carefully pick which kind of strain to grow based on several different factors including what it will do for my RLS, and the longer I research, the worse my RLS gets. It is illegal what I'm doing so I suppose I shoukd take as much time as needed.

  • I'm definitely past withdrawal symptoms so I don't need a strain with particularly high THC. Just curious, have you tried 100% indica before? I'm wandering what I should buy for relief when sleeping. Would a 100% indica strain make you vomit like crazy the first time you do it?

  • As I understand it, the percentage of Indica to Sativa is not an indication of the strength of the 'high'. A 100% indica plant is not necessarily going to be particularly strong - the strength is derived from the percentage of THC.

    Indica plants are better for RLS as they induce that dopey sleepy feeling. Sativa plants give more of an energetic high which is not what we are after.

    If you are looking for seeds I would suggest the following factors are important: an Indica rather than Sativa strong strain; a relatively high CBD to THC ratio; then you need to consider how strong you want the high to be - my understanding is that high THC (probably anything over about 15%) carries risks of paranoia, depression, psychosis etc but if you are used to using cannabis this may not be so much of a problem for you; finally you also need to consider your growing conditions and find plants that will work best in those.

    Most seed banks will give you at least some of the above info and combined with you should be able to get a comprehensive idea of whether a particular strain is correct for you. Most seed websites have a section for medical cannabis plants which have at least some CBD in them so that's a good place to start.

    I sound like an expert but I'm not. All my info is gained from trawling the web. I found cannabis very helpful for my rls but have only had access to a very small amount of street cannabis courtesy of a friend of my student daughter. It was so good for me that I looked into growing my own and also took a lot of advice from another RLS forum based in the US where there are many mmj users. As you are going to the trouble of growing it, it is certainly worth doing some research to get the best strain.

  • Ok mate cheers for that

  • I guess it's time to move to Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Arizona or California

  • Some good info there. A note on cannabis and psychosis there are a number of factors on that but an early harvested plant is more likely to produce anxiety at higher doses and a later harvested one a more relaxed effect.

    I don't know why people get hung up on the strength and how bad it is, treat it like alcohol - not many sit down to a pint of vodka! If you have a strong strain use less it really is as straight forward as that :) mind you the media needs a good Bogeyman!

    Best strains I had, (well I was told this I can't be certain but have no reason to think I was lied to) were Sensi Star and Strawberry Cough one was Indica dominant the other Sativa, so go figure :) For me it was trial and error and getting what was available although it was proper stuff. I miss feeling better :(

    Really we should be pushing our MP/MLA/TD/MSP/AM/Senator or whatever to be pushing for this for us, especially when it would be less hazardous than some of the drugs we are forced to take.

  • Ok great. Thanks for that

  • That's interesting about the early v late harvesting. I wonder if a later harvesting allows some of the THC to convert to CBN which is supposedly the best for RLS?

  • Yeah that's what's meant to happen:

    Personally I have tried very high CBD strains - ones much higher than than normal - however I didn't find them as good as high THC ones.

  • Just letting you know I have been following the low fodmap diet for about 2 weeks. Very, very promising so far. This is a list of what you can and can't (or should avoid as much as possible) eat:

    The hardest part for me has been finding stuff that doesn't contain traces of milk and soy in it. Seriously, it's unbelievable how much of our food these days contains this stuff. I am not getting excited yet as I know you can't think that way until you're absolutely sure. Right now, it's 9pm where I live and my RLS is usually pretty bad at this time. Right now I've got about 60% relief. I smoked the same amount of cannabis last night as I usually do. It's also not a placebo effect because it's been like this the past three days. Definitely look into it my friend

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